You & I

You and I. We don't want to be like them. We can make it 'til the end. Nothing can come between You and I. Not even the gods above, can separate the two of us. No, nothing can come between You and I.


1. The Song

Olivia's POV

"I think i'm in love with you." He whispers in my ear.

I smile and bite my lip. It drives him crazy when I do that. "Is that so?" 

"Yes, it is." He smirks putting a strand of hair behind my ear. "Do you love me back?"

I look him in his beautiful green eyes. "Love can't even describe how I feel about you Mr. Styles."

"Is that so Ms. Kyler?" He asks cupping the side of my face.

"Why yes it is." I say right before we kiss.


"WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!" Harry yells snapping me out of my dream.

"What?" I mutter half asleep.


I open my eyes to see harry jumping at the end of my bed.

"How did you get into my house?" I ask putting my head into my pillow.

"Your mom let me in." He smiles. "Very nice lady if you ask me."

"What are you doing here?" I mumble into my pillow.

I hear a laugh. "Someones excited to see their boyfriend."

I don't move so he drags me out of my bed. He knows how much I love my sleep. I hang onto the edge so I stay on. My fingers slip and I fall onto the ground. What a nice boyfriend I have. Yanks me out of bed and lets me fall onto the ground.

"Oww." I mutter.

"Glad your up." He says helping me off the ground.

I don't even notice i'm in my hello kitty PJ bottoms until Harry laughs at them. "Nice PJ's."

I sigh. "Did you just come here to complement my PJ's?" I ruffle my hair.

"No." He smiles. "I came here to tell you something."

I can see the excitement in his face. 

"What is it?" I ask trying to show a small smile.

"Guess." He smiles. His dimples show. How cute.

"Harry, you know I hate the guessing game-"

"Just guess once." He says. "Please?"

"Fine." I say. "Your letting me go back to sleep?

He laughs. "Nope. Do you wanna know what it is?"

"Just tell me!" I laugh.

He takes a deep breath. "Our new album 'Midnight Memories' has finished and there may or may not be a song written by me about you in there."

Wait, a song about me? "Harry!" I say hugging him. "That's amazing! I have to hear it! I'm sure it's amazing. As always."

"Well your going to have to wait." He says with a big grin on his face.

You've got to be kidding me. "What?"

"You'll have to wait until it comes out on iTunes just like everyone else."

Oh no he didn't. "Harry! You can't do that! You can't tell me that your new album is done and that there is a song about ME on there and then make me wait like- forever!" I laugh. I'm defiantly awake now.

"Well your going to have to wait!" He says running out my door. I follow him and he runs out of the house and gets in his car. Asshole.

I go back upstairs to get ready. I brush my teeth and get dressed. I decide to wear back shorts, a white and pink tank, white flip flops and the enclose Harry got me on our first date.

I put my long brown hair into a bun at the top of my head. Then I move onto makeup. I put on concealer to cover up my dark circles and powder. I don't like wearing foundation. I think it makes people's faces look cakey. I put mascara on my top and bottom lashes. I finish it off by filling in my eyebrows.

I grab my phone and walk downstairs into the living room. I see my mom making breakfast. "What did Harry want?" She asks flipping a pancake.

"Apparently there is a song on their new album about me." I say with a big grin on my face.

"Is there really?" She says turning to me. I walk over to the couch.

"Yes. But he says i'm going to have to wait!" I say turning on the T.V.

My mom laughs a little and puts the pancakes on a plate. "Want some?"

My phone goes off. It's a text from Louis.

Come over to our house, Were bored. Oh, and make sure you eat some carrots. Carrots are good. -Louis. 

I laugh a little. "No thanks mom. I'm just going to have some carrots."

I walk over and grab some carrots from the fridge. I take a picture of me eating one and send it to Louis while saying 'and you can't have any.'

I eat a couple more carrots when Louis texts back.


I laugh and put my phone in my pocket. I put the carrots away and head for the door. "I'm going out." 

"Alright. Be safe." My mom says putting syrup on her pancakes.

I walk out the door and get into my car. It's a punch buggy. Louis and I always have a punching war. As you can probably tell Louis and I are best friends. We tell each other everything. He's the big sister I never had.

Once I get there Louis comes running out to the car eating a carrot yelling. "YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY OF MY CARROTS!"

I get out of my car when we punch each other in the arm saying 'punch buggy no punch backs.'

Niall comes out of the house saying 'Louis, give me a carrot i'm starving. Oh- hi Olivia. 

"Hi Niall."


I laugh as we all go inside.

I see Harry sitting on the couch. "You!" I say pointing to him.

He looks around pretending I was pointing to someone else.

I walk over to him and say, "Why can't I hear the song?" 

"I've heard it. Heck, I sang a part in it." Louis says gnawing on his carrot.

"Sometimes I wonder how he is in the biggest boy band in the world." I joke looking at Louis.

He pretends to be offended and throws his carrot a me. I catch it and take a bite. "Ha, I ate part of your carrot."

Louis pretends to cry. I throw the rest of the carrot back at Louis. "Anyways." I laugh.

"Why can't I hear it?" I say winning like a little child.

"Because I want you to wait." He smirks.


"Oliviaaa." He says mocking me.

"Children calm down." Niall says. "-and make me some food."

"Not it!" We all say at the same time, but Liam was half a second behind everyone. "Come on!" He sighs leading Niall to the kitchen.

I look over at Harry. He laughs a little. I hear a girly scream. I turn around and see it was Zayn who screamed. "LOUIS GOT SOME OF HIS CARROT IN MY HAIR!"

"Stop wining, carrots are good for you." Louis says eating the rest of his carrot.

"Louis, go take Zayn to the bathroom and get the carrot out of his hair. I need to talk to Olivia." Harry says.

Louis wiggles his eyebrows and leaves with Zayn.

I sit down next to Harry. "What's up buttercup?"

He turns to me. "The boys and I are going to an interview tomorrow. Maybe you should come." 

"But they don't know who I am. No one knows you have a girlfriend, remember?" I say taking his hand.

"Maybe it's time to tell them." He says looking me in my green eyes.

"What made you suddenly think this?" I ask.

"I just want everyone to know how amazing you are. Plus, i'm sure your Youtube viewers would wanna know who the mystery man is."

I have a youtube account. I make all different kinds of videos. I have 35,000 subscribers, I know it's not a ton, but I still love to make videos.

"Okay." I smile.

He kisses my hand. "Your amazing you know that?"

"I know." I joke.

"I'll text you when the times and stuff are. I don't even know yet." He laughs. "I'll pick you up."

I smile. I guess it is time for the world to know that we are together. I just hope everyone will think positive things of me. I already know most of my viewers will love Harry. I mean, who wouldn't?

I hear another scream then Zayn yell, "LOUIS STOP TOUCHING THE HAIR!"

I laugh and stand up. "I'm gonna go."

"No stay." Harry says. 

"What are we gonna do?" I ask turning to him.

He thinks for a minute. "We could make a video to your subscribers telling them i'm your boyfriend." He says smiling. 

"I don't have my camera."

"We could live chat it from my laptop, that's what it's called right?" He asks.

I laugh. "Go get your laptop."

Harry smiles and quickly runs to his room. He gets his laptop and then returns. "Let's do this."


"Hi guys! It's Olivia!" I say to my laptop. I see that 300 people were watching. Harry was standing behind the camera pacing. We were going to wait until lots of people were watching before we tell them.

"I just decided to live chat. So, before we begin, let's get those viewer numbers up!" I say posting a tweet off my phone saying i'm doing a live chat.

200 more people start watching. "500, that's a start."

I hear Harry laugh. 

"I've never done a live chat before, so bare with me guys."

It goes up to 1,000 viewers.

"As you can probably tell this is not my bedroom in which I am recording in." I say. 

2,000 Viewers.

"So, um.. How are you guys?" I ask trying to stall until I get at least 20,000 viewers.

2,500 viewers.

"Okay, what i'm really here for is to tell you guys I have a boyfriend." I say nervously. Why did Harry want to do this again? I guess they had to find out at one point.

"But i'm waiting until I get 20,000 viewers before he shows his face to the camera." I say. "he is actually in this room. So get your friends to watch." 

I look at Harry and he smiles at me. It makes me a little less nervous. 

10,000 viewers.

"Wow." I say. "We are half way there."

Harry starts pacing again.

"Okay, i'm going to be honest here. I'm extremely nervous on showing you busy my boyfriend. You guys will all know him. When you see him, promise we if you do not agree with our relationship to at least keep your comments to yourselves." I say playing with my neckless. "My real fans will except him for who he is though."

I look up at Harry and smile.

11,000 viewers.

"How about while we wait you guys ask me some questions on twitter about him." I say grabbing my phone.

"Okay first question; is he cute?" I laugh. "Very."

"How did you guys meet? Well, I guess this is a big hint, but at one of his concerts." I say. "Well I guess that's not a big, big hint. There are about a million male singers out there."

"How long have you guys been dating?" I say. "Almost 9 months."

"I guess that now you have a boyfriend I have no chance?" I laugh. "That's not a question."

18,000 viewers.

"One more question. Is he a good kisser?" I laugh. I look up at Harry. "Very."

20,000 viewers.

"It's 20,00 viewers." I say to Harry.

He starts to walk over but not so the camera can see him.

"Well guys, here is my boyfriend." I say nervously. "Harry Styles."


A/N: Hey guys, I hope you liked the first chapter! More is soon to come. I know this chapter isn't the most exciting, but again, it's only the first chapter. Also, on my old account I wrote a story with someone, and we each wrote from our own character's POV (Point Of View.) If someone wants to write a One Direction fan fic like that (we could think of the plot together) I would love that. :)


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