Jade Black is a young 16 year old who gets kidnapped. will she choose to try to escape or stay?


1. why me?

  I wake up to sunlight hitting my face. I look over to my alarm clock. 7:45. Shit im late. I quickly hop out of my bed and grab a random shirt and pants. I slip on some sneakers, grab my backpack and run out the house to the bus stop. hopefully it didn't leave yet.
  10 minutes later the bus is there. I get on and we head to my school. I hope today is good. the bus stops and I quickly get off. I walk into the school and try to find my best friend. but after a while of looking i decide to go to my locker. i hated school. i hate most things. But most of all i hated home. i couldn't stand going home and listening to my dad bitch about everything. I wish my mother did leave. She was everything i could ever ask for in a mom. but she was tired of my dad, so she left. i wanted to leave. 
  I reached my first class. English.  i sit in the back of the class room so that nobody could see me. 5 minutes later i hear screams from the hallways. ''RUN! AHHHH!'' yells a girl. i look at her terrified. before i could run, someone grabs me. it was a guy in a black mask holding a gun. ''come with me,'' he says. why me.. oh god help.. i do what he says. then suddenly i feel pain in the back of my head. and it goes black..

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