Just Love (Luke Hemmings)

Alice and her friends go to a 5 Seconds of Summer concert. Alice meets Luke Hemmings, the singer and guitarist.

Will Luke think of Alice as more than just a fan?

Will Alice feel the same?

Will they be together?


3. Chapter 3


After quickly staring at the boy with the blonde messy hair, I quickly walk away, holding Jennie's small hand. I think that's Luke Hemmings. The boy I want to meet. I don't want to embarrass myself, so, I didn't go up to him. What if it wasn't Luke Hemmings? Well, he's with Michael Clifford. I can tell with his dyed hair.

I take tiny sips of my coffee thinking.

Is it really Luke and Michael?

What if it isn't them?

I look down at Jennie. She's probably so excited that she's visiting another state and going places like we do back home but with way more buildings and more busy highways. We got to the park and Jennie runs to the swings.


I'm still in my bunk in the tour bus in the morning. Not to early nor too late. I feel somebody shake my arm. Yo, can I have some more sleep? I find my stuffed penguin. I love penguins.

"Dude, wake up. We're going to Starbucks!" Somebody hits me with a pillow. I lightly push the body back, blinking the sleepiness out of my eyes, stretching my arms. I open my eyes realizing who it is. Ashton. He's the drummer out of the group. She's also the oldest, being 19 years old and curses a bit. Well, we all do a bit actually.

I got to Starbucks after Ashton, Calum and Michael tried to get me out of the bunk. I got this drink Ashton introduced to me to just a couple minutes ago. I forgot the name of it, but, the drink is good.

While ordering the forgotten drink, I see to girl with brunette hair,both at goes down her back. She stared at me for a second then she looked back and walked away, out of Starbucks.

She has child with her too. Is it her child or her sister? It has to be her sister because she looks so young to have a child. Though she is so pretty. My mission is to see her at the 5 Seconds of Summer concert tonight.

But what if she isn't a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer?

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