Run baby run...

Ashton is in love with Raelynn and she loves him too... But they are stuck with being best friends..... Ashton's dad hates Raelynn and wants to keep ash away from her but how will this story go? Read this to find out!


2. chapter 2!

Chapter 2!!

Rae's pov.

Well now my mom went all shit and fuck you on me complaining about some shit from years ago and I'm all like and this is why god made headphones! Anyways ash Is almost out of school yayyyyy I wanna cuddle and watch movies and eat Nutella out of the jar! I L-O-V-E Nutella cause it's rad hahahah! Anyways yahhh I wanna eat Nutella now but I need to text ashy I need to know if he will come! So I did Hahahahah!



R= ash will you be able to come?

A=errr idk actually

R=but I want to cuddle and eat Nutella

A=it's always you and you're Nutella haha

R= I know! Nutella is life!

A= haha I know but I gtg ttyl

Fuck! He has to leave but maybe he'll come!

Ashton's pov.

Rae was texting me during class and I only had a few mins left so I put I got to go... I'm going to walk home and try to talk to my dad... This shit will be like ww 3 ugh..

20 mins later....

A- Ashton


A- I'm home dad...

D- hey son!

A- I need to ask you something...

D- what is it?

A- can I go to Rae's house...

D- no

A- why not? I love her!

D- I don't care I don't like her! I think she's a bad influence!

A- well she's not!

D- you know what?!

A- what?

D- give me your phone and your laptop and tablet! You will not be able to communicate with Rae!

A- why the hell?! I am old enough I don't need you babying me I'm not a fucking 2 year old!

D- I said stay away

My dad told me to stay away and took my technology away.... He slapped me after saying that....I sometimes want to commit but since I have Rae I know better..... I have to sneak out.., I injected sleeping fluid in my dad and took my phone back.... He knocked out... Coast is fucking clear! Yayyy I texted Rae I'm sneaking out!

Rae pov.

Ashton's sneaking out to come over yayyyyyyyy!!!!! I want to have a future with him... A life.... Where nobody tells us we can't be friends or anything.... I heard a knock! It's ashyyyyyy yaayayayayayayayyayayayaayya! "Hey ashy" I said "hey babe" shit he called me babe ahhhhhhhh major brain freak outs!


A- ash

A- sorry for calling you babe hehe

R- what? Oh it's ok I didn't mind it

A- so what are we going to do?

R- cuddle and watch movies!


R- be right back I got to go get my Nutella and 2 spoons'

A- one for me and you?

R- hell no! I get double the Nutella! Jk jk yes one for me and you!

A- Ohhh yayyyyy

I had to get Nutella!

Ashton's pov.

Rae is so crazy even though she hides it from most people... She's so much fun.... Haha and she needs rehab for her Nutella addiction! She wants to cuddle yesssss!!!!

Rae's pov.

"I brought Nutella, 2 spoons, the movies, and like 5 blankets and 10 pillows!

"What's the pillows and blankets for?" Said ash

"A fort or just some comfy cuddling or even both!"

"Yayyyyy fun" said ash

We both got comfy on the couch and put in the movie white girls cause it's funny... I laid in Ashton's arms... It felt so nice... I felt so safe... So sound... So.. Wonderful... I love ash *sigh*

I then fell asleep after 5 movies.... I swore I heard ashton say "I love you so much Rae... I wish you could know... But for now we shall be just friends cause I know you wouldn't like me back anyways.... I love you Rae.. Goodnight my beautiful sunshine..." OMFG I think he actually said that! OMFC am I hallucinating! "I love you too ash" I said tiredly "Rae you weren't meant to here that!" Said ash "ash I love you back and I have always felt the same way so please love me like you'll never love again" I said very sleepily "oh Rae I will.. Keep this a secret between us... Everybody would deny us" ash said "oh ash I will but I'm sleepy so I'm going to sleep in your arms! I love you too goodnight" I said "well goodnight sweet dreams sunshine!" Oh how I love him... I can't believe this happened though! OMFG I can't believe it!

A/N don't say I copied anybody because this actually was based off of a dream with a little more detail and I know Ashton's dad would never do that but he's a character that denies ash being friends with Raelynn so yahhh byeeee

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