Don't tell Harry (A Drinny Fanfic)

Drinny - Ginny was lying down with her head on Harry's lap. "Ugh I thought that was the end of my life," she thought.
Her phone rang, blasting out 'Domino.' She sat up, it was Draco.. Harry looked at her, confused.
"Ginny.. Why are you wearing a Slytherin tie?"

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7. You are the worst person alive

It was the day of the House Cup. Today it was Gryffindor vs Slytherin.

Ron and Harry were headed down to the pitches.

"I'm sorry I can't come, babe. Lots of studying and I hurt my arm falling off at the last practice," Ginny said, giving Harry a quick peck on the cheek.

"It's alright Gin," Harry replied smiling, "I just hope we're going to be able to beat the team without out best chaser." He said, grinning.

Hermione raised her eyebrows and huffed in the corner, Ginny quickly shot her a look to say 'shut up, you're going to blow it' upon seeing this look, Hermione rolled her eyes and flounced out the room, grumbling under her breath.

"What's her problem?" Ron and Harry both asked in unison.

"I don't know." Ginny stammered quickly before giving Harry one last kiss, "Anyway, you better be off, wouldn't want to be late now would you?" She smiled, trying to hide her guilt, "and don't be silly, you'll be fine, we're the best team and you know it." She attempted a grin. It was good enough for Ron, who happily began walking down to the pitch. Harry hung back, "Are you okay?" he asked her, concern clouding his eyes.

"I'm fine babe!" Ginny rushed, "Now hurry up, I'm not letting my house down because the best seeker ever was too busy flapping over me." She flashed him a smile, hoping that would be enough to send him on his way; she couldn't take much more of his concern, the guilt was eating her alive.

Harry grinned back at her "Draco's a talented seeker too, as much as it pains me to say." A scowl appeared on his face as he mentioned Draco's name.

"He's not playing though, he's.. um.. Apparently he's sick." She replied, knowing the real reason he wasn't playing wasn't not in fact because he was sick. Instead it was so he could meet up with her and finish off what Hermione interrupted yesterday.

A look of surprise appeared on Harry's face, soon followed by a grin "Oh." He stated, "I didn't know that! Yes we're so going to beat them now!" He said gleefully, "Right I'm off, bye baby and don't over-work yourself" he said giving her one final kiss and running out the door.

"Good luck Haz!" Ginny shouted after him, before sinking back into a chair and groaning.

"You are the worst human alive right now" she said aloud to herself as she got up, let her hair out of her pony tail and left the common room to find Draco.

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