Don't tell Harry (A Drinny Fanfic)

Drinny - Ginny was lying down with her head on Harry's lap. "Ugh I thought that was the end of my life," she thought.
Her phone rang, blasting out 'Domino.' She sat up, it was Draco.. Harry looked at her, confused.
"Ginny.. Why are you wearing a Slytherin tie?"

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9. That bitch is out there

Hermione sat with her back against the door. Where was Ginny? It was half an hour ago.

"Ginny?" She called out. No answer.

"Wait a second. Is that giggling?" she thought. Hermione turned and pressed her ear against the door. Yes. Someone was out there. She strained her ears to try and figure out who was there.

"Wait a minute.. THAT IS GINNY!" Hermione thought. She squeaked with anger, "The bitch is out there with Draco!"

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