Don't tell Harry (A Drinny Fanfic)

Drinny - Ginny was lying down with her head on Harry's lap. "Ugh I thought that was the end of my life," she thought.
Her phone rang, blasting out 'Domino.' She sat up, it was Draco.. Harry looked at her, confused.
"Ginny.. Why are you wearing a Slytherin tie?"

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10. Doris

Hermione sat on top of the large laundry basket. She had been in the changing room for 3 hours. She had head leaning on the window sill. The window was open.

"Ron...Harry....Doris...Seamus.." She shouted. No one heard her. Soon the Quidditch Match would be over. Although Hermione was high up in the Gryffindor tower, she continued to shout out of the window. She knew no one would hear.

Soon people started to leave the Match. Hundreds of students left the pitch. A familiar blonde head bounced through the crowds. Hermione jumped up and almost tipped the laundry basket.

"DORIS!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. Dean Thomas looked up and gave her a confused look.

"DORIS!" She screamed again. Doris looked up. Hermione got excited and moved too quickly. Clatter! Crash! Hermione was lying on the girls bathroom floor, with a basket on her head. The door clicked open. Doris appeared at the door.

"Oh my god!" Hermione jumped up and threw herself at Doris and hugged her.

"Hermione, what the hell is going on?" She asked her, pulling Hermione off of her chest.

"I got locked in here and Ginny didn't help because she was with Draco and-" Hermione covered her mouth. She said too much.

"Why did you stop?" Doris looked at Hermione confused. Doris could be a bit slow and well... Stupid. Although Ginny was Hogwarts' resident slut, Doris was the schools resident bimbo and could always be counted on for a sexual time. And you can imagine why guys might like that about her. She has big breasts and well large hips and she likes to show that off. But above all that Doris is a good friend.

Hermione waited and mouthed "five.. four.. three.. two... one..."

"GINNY IS WITH DRACO?" Doris shouted. Hermione nodded.

"And you have to shut up. You can't say anything! If anyone else finds out I don't know okay," Doris nodded.

"We have to confront them," Hermione said, "let's find Draco,"

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