Everyone has a breaking point, where their fed up with all the bullshit in their lives. One day Stevie Madison just snapped she had enough. All her anger bubbling up she lashed out like an unstoppable fire, then she meets him.


1. the beginning

Chapter one,

She lied there bruises and blood on her body. Blood trickled out of her mouth and noise. She stared up at the soulless eyes of the person before her. His brown hair and smoldering eyes that made her nervous and shake. She was tuning him out.

"I SAID GET UP!" He yelled at her before grabbing her hair, causing a whimper to be released.

"Bitch I said to get the fu-" He was cut off.

"Fuck you...." She croaked out to him. His eyes flared with anger before he threw her to the ground.

"Learn your FUCKING PLACE!!" He screamed at her. Her eyes widened. She was kicked over and over. She coughed up blood, before things started to get hazy. With one final kick to the head darkness claimed her.

She awoke which surprised her, you'd think she be dead by all the abuse. She looked around, things that happened last night came back to mind.

She shakily stood up her joints groaning in protest. She leaned on the wall for support and started limping to her room.

Once in her room she looked at herself in the mirror. Her raven hair had knots in it and her face was smudged with dirt and blood. She stared into the ocean blue eyes that were slowly dimming. She had to leave. Or he was going to kill her.

She gathered her clothing but she changed into a white T-shirt and black skinny jeans with a pair of converses. She hurriedly put on her hoodie and crept out of the room.

She was on the second floor, so she had to make sure she didn't mess this up. She slowly walked down the stairs, and now was in the hallway. She tripped and knocked over a vase. She heard him get up, she bolted and opened the door quickly.

She quickly ran into the forest.

"GET BACK HERE STEVIE!" He yelled at her.

"FUCK OFF TOM!" She called out. She looked behinds her and saw him running after her. She ran faster, trying to get away.

She made it to the edge of the forest, and into a town. London. She was in London. She walked in the streets of London feeling accomplished, that she actually got away. For the first time in forever she laughed, and cried happy tears. She was free, but there was one problem. How the hell was she going to survive on the streets?

Hope ya like it I worked hard on it! So look forward to the next chapter!

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