between the devil & the deep blue sea

you can trust nobody....


1. danielle POV

"Jay has she messaged you or called you..." I pondered.

"No dani, why would she? She's 20, and my sister, oh and she seemed pretty angry yest-" The café door was shoved  open. a shadowy figure stood at the door. They then proceeded to walk in, they walked up to the counter. "Hello I'm D.C mark jamieson," He held i.d. up to Sadie- who was working at the counter. he then motioned to the door "This is Amy Watson... Family liaison officer." Amy proceeded to shake Sadie's hand. "Are you Mrs. Mitchell? " Amy inquired. Jay turned around sharpishly. Sadie let out a hint of laughter. "I was, we split a few months back..." Sadie replied looking down. "Oh, im sorry to hear that. Is.. Mr. Mitchell around...?" Ms. Watson glanced around the café. "Ehm no but his son" Sadie motioned to jay " and his niece are here." She again motioned, in my direction. D.C Jamieson nodded slightly in Amy Watson's direction. "Could we have a word, with all of you" Motioning to the three of us, "Maybe not here though." By now the whole café was silent, with fear and tension as we all wondered what was happening. Jay stood up abruptly. " this about...Kitty...?" He stared at them both with a look of fear and annoyance. Amy replied awkwardly.. "Could we maybe go back to your house..." I stood up.  "what is this about?" I asked in annoyance, what was so bad that we couldn't be told in the local café...? "Look...this would be better, somewhere...quieter.."


Back at Jay's house

"What is this about?" Jay asked more sharpish than it meant to come out like I presume..." the three of us at down tentatively, wondering what they were going to say.

"Around 3 this morning..." D.C Jamieson began, abruptly motioning to Ms. Watson to continue. "Well at woodland common* a member of public.. They discovered a body.." I felt sick and dizzy. it can't my best friend and cousin, she was my everything, she had plans to start a business...


10 minutes later

"D-Danielle....d-dani-iee, its m-e jay." the room was distorted, then I rembered. "KITTY!?!" Jay helped me up to a seated position whilst hushing me. "Dani, it's not, its bettie." I felt sick again. I felt o sick I cant even remember who bettie is....

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