The greenhouse

Pandora Waters and a group of three others are on the run. They all have powers, water, air, fire and earth. They hide in the same place everyday, an abandoned greenhouse at the end of a garden in London.


1. 1

I ran with the loaves of bread to the end of the garden, shielded by an old dark rag and oversized sandals. Pandora was quivering with cold on the steps leading up to the greenhouse.

"Pandora! It's nearly 11o'clock, you should be in bed!" I whispered harshly and frantically, We couldn't risk any of us being seen. Especially Pandora, the youngest and most gullible.

"Fawn kicked me out, he found something, in a clear bottle, it wasn't water, he's gone all weird and loopy and funny Scarlett!"

I covered my mouth with shock, I seriously couldn't leave Fawn for five minutes without something going wrong!

"Dora, is he still inside, please tell me he's still inside?!" I crossed my fingers and wrapped the rag around Pandora, who was now physically shaking since she was only wearing a light nightshirt and shorts. But Pandora gulped,

"He, he ran off! But Aiden's still in there!"

I cursed and unlatched the greenhouse door, bottles were smashed all over the floor and Aiden was shaking in the corner, tears streamed down his cheeks.

"Oh Aiden!" I gushed, allowing Pandora through the door with me, I ordered her to go and find her sleeping bag and try to go to sleep. Aiden shrugged his shoulders and cried,

"He went that way, he can't have gone far though, not in his state anyway."

I backed away from Aiden a bit, he may look tough, but he seriously is only a few years older than Pandora.  

"Ai, this is important, look after Pandora, make sure she goes to bed okay!?"

He looked up at me with his brown eyes,

"But! You can't leave!"

"I'll be back!"

I flew out the door without the rag.

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