Drarry oneshots

A series of Drarry oneshots. Don't like, don't read.
Warning: there could be some minor (or not so minor) swearing and other such things. Also some AU. Um...I think that's it for the warning...


11. Masked ball

"Is this really necessary?" Draco groaned.

Pansy had organized a masked ball at the Parkinson Manor to celebrate Christmas. And Draco had to attend.

Draco had been cleared of all charges after the war, with the testimony of Potter of all people. Draco had been shocked when Potter had stood up, walked to the front of the courtroom, and explained every single thing that he had seen Voldemort do. Potter told the Wizengamot how Voldemort had been using Draco and had threatened him with death, or the death of a family member. Then he had proceeded to tell everyone how Draco hadn't revealed that it was them, him and his friends, at Malfoy Manor, and how Narcissa Malfoy had saved his life.

"Of course it is Drakie, of course it is." Pansy said. She then proceeded to attack his face with makeup.

"Why do you feel the need to add so much of that disgusting stuff" at this Draco pointed to the box full of makeup "on my face? I'll be wearing a mask, what's the difference?"

Pansy clucked her tongue impatiently.

"Draco honey, just trust me all right?"

The blond sighed and closed his eyes in defeat, allowing Pansy to continue with her makeover.

"There, all done!" Pansy announced proudly.

Draco cracked open an eye and looked in the mirror carefully. Pansy had actually done quite a good job, he thought, surprised. He was wearing a white silk robe with black trouser beneath. Both items of clothing had an ice blue trim that brought out his eyes. He wore knee height boots of the same blue color, as was his mask. The mask simple, only adorned by a few jewels. His shoulder length hair was tied back with a leather string, a few stray pieces coming to frame his face.

"I look like a girl." He remarked, raising an eyebrow.

"No you do not." Pansy replied. "And anyways, even if you did, isn't that a good thing, considering the fact that your gay and all."


Draco rolled his eyes in exasperation.

"For the last time Pansy, that does in no way mean that I want to look like a bloody female."

Pansy glared at him.


She took his arm and started walking with him towards the front doors of Parkinson Manor.

"So, who is on the guest list?" Draco asked her, feigning innocence.

"You know very well that I can't tell you! It a masked ball, there would be no point if you knew who everyone was. Your supposed to discover that on your own."

Draco pouted, giving her his best kicked puppy look.

"Still no Dray."

"I don't get it! It's not like I'll know what their wearing anyways! I just want to know who's coming. Plus, there is a charm on the entire place so that you don't know anyone that's there, even if they are your best friend. So why, pray tell, does it matter that much?" Draco exclaimed.




Draco glared at everyone through his mask. He was not having fun. There had already been about a dozen girls that had come over and tried to flirt with him. Little did they know they had all the wrong equipment.

"Feeling gloomy?" A voice asked from behind him.

Draco was about to scream at the woman that dared try to talk to him to bloody sod off when he realized that that was a male voice.

He turned around to see who it was.

The man was well built, with raven hair. He was dressed in dark green robes with a matching mask. His robes had a certain muggle look to it. They must have been made using a muggle suit as a model, Draco decided.

"You could say that." Draco said with a shrug, turning back to look at the dance floor. "Are you having fun?" The question was more asked out of politeness than anything else.

"I've already had about twenty girls assault me. It scares me really. If only there wasn't this blasted charm on the bloody room, they would have known that I already came out." The man replied.

Draco's eyebrows shot up in in surprise. Was this guy gay?

"So your gay." Draco said, more of a statement than a question.

"Yeah. I came out at a press conference a few months back." The raven haired man shrugged carelessly. "The media freaked out. I think Rita Skeeter almost had a heart attack. Serves her right, either way."

Draco frowned. He knew who this was, but he couldn't remember. Damn the stupid charm!

"Was it difficult? Coming out I mean." Draco asked. Really, he was curious. He had only told Blaise and Pansy about his preference for men, and he was bloody terrified of what his parents would think. Especially his father.

"Na, it was okay. This girl that thinks she's my girlfriend but really isn't threw a fit, bitching about how I couldn't be gay since I loved her. I nearly died of laughter when I heard that. Apparently, she'd been in love with me since she was eight. The thing is, she saw me for the first time when she was ten." He said, smiling, his full lips curving in a most alluring way.

Draco smiled too. That sounded like that one Slytherin girl, Astoria Greengrass. She'd been in love with Draco, or rather his money, ever since she had heard her older sister, Daphne, who was in Draco's year, talk about him.

"I know how you feel." Draco said, patting the stranger on the arm. "Been there, done that."

"You know, your really not as bad as everyone thinks you are...Draco." The stranger said.

Draco froze. How did this person know his name? There was a charm in the place, for crying out loud. It was supposed to be impossible to recognize anyone at all.

"You know my name." 

A grin settled on the strangers lips again.

"Yes. Would you like to know mine?"

Draco looked at him incredulously.

"Even if you did tell me, I wouldn't know who you are. Charm, remember?"

The stranger laughed, the sound deep and melodic.

"You have a point. Fine then, dance with me." he said, or more like ordered.

Draco smiled and nodded, taking the extended hand. 

The mystery man led him to the dance floor. A new song started, and Draco realized it was slow one.

He stiffened slightly as the man put his hand on Draco's waist.

"Relax." the raven haired one said, chuckling. "I don't bite."

Draco took a deep breath and forced himself to relax.

"That's better." the stranger said, a small smile of approval on his face.

After a moment of silence, Draco asked:

"How do you know my name?"

The stranger laughed.

"I came to the ball just to see you. Pansy helped me a bit, telling me the counter spell to the charm on the place and such things."

"Can you do the counter spell on me?" Draco asked hopefully.

"Sure." The man answered after a moment of thought. "But it would be better if we didn't do it in here, it would seem odd if you started trying to kill me in the middle of a dance floor full of people."

Draco opened his mouth to answer, but didn't have time as he was being dragged away through halls and into a comfortable looking sitting room.

"Do we hate each other?" Draco asked.

"I don't hate you. Or I wouldn't have gone to all this trouble to talk to you." The man said, his smile had suddenly disappeared, leaving a frown on his face. "You on the other hand...I'm pretty sure you hate me." 

"Then why are you doing this?" Draco asked.

The man shrugged uncomfortly, his emerald eyes trained to the floor.

"Well, I never know. Maybe I have a chance. I'm going to risk it."

"You were a Gryffindor in school weren't you?" Draco blurted out, then he blushed.

"Yes actually, I was." The emerald eyes man replied, a hint of a smile on his face again. "Now let's get this over with."

He approached Draco, his hand going up to cup the blond's cheek. Draco leaned into the touch, his eyes fluttering shut.

The man brought Draco closer, their breaths mingling. And then they were kissing, Draco's lips pressed against another pair of warm, soft ones. 

Draco felt the tingling of magic, and suddenly his mind felt clearer. He could tell that the counter-spell to the charm had been cast, but he didn't care. Who would when a gorgeous raven haired mystery man was snogging you withing an inch of your life?

Finally, the need for air made itself known, and they broke apart to breath. Draco didn't look up immediately, instead staring at his own shoes, very aware of how close the man was to him. He lifted his head, and then almost pinched himself to make sure what he saw was real. For in front of him was Harry Potter, the Saviour, the defeated of Voldemort. 

He gaped, to stunned to do anything else.

"I'll just be going then." Harry said awkwardly, trying, but failing Draco noted, to hide the hurt in his eyes.

"No." Draco managed to say.

Harry stopped in his steps, turning wide eyes back onto Draco.

"I don't know what that was, but I want to find out." Draco said softly. He allowed himself to smirk. "If all your kisses are like that, I'm sure we'll get along fine."

Harry returned the smirk, seeming to have understood that Draco wasn't adverse to the idea of 'them'. 

"The kisses would get much better with practice." He said, waggling his eyebrows. "After all, practice makes perfect."

As their lips connected for the second time that night, Harry made a mental note to thank Pansy profusely. He had, with her help, just gotten the man of his dreams. What a nice Christmas this was.

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