Trying to forget

Ariel Smith was just a normal girl. She had friends, a best friend, and a job that payed well. But when HE comes back, will he remember? Or will she try to forget?


6. Shane

Shane's POV

"So?" I leaned in closer to her. Constantly looking at her lips. I could see she wanted this. "I really want to kiss you right now." I said. I looked in her eyes and she looked into mine. After what felt like forever, she finally said,"Do it." I gently placed my lips on hers and sparks were flying everywhere. She deepened the kiss by putting her arms around my neck and pulling me closer, if that was possible. I placed my hand in her hips and I felt her smile. She pulled away and put her forehead to mine. She breathed heavily and it was like she had a loss for words. "That was amazing." She said. I smiled. "Gotta go to lunch." She walked towards the huge double doors. She turned to face me and spoke in her sexy little innocent voice, "You coming?" I smiled. "Nah, I'll catch up." She nodded at went into the cafeteria. I looked down at my watch and realized the time. "Shit!" I took off running to the girls bathroom on the 4th floor. I opened it up and put the 'Closed, Out Of Order.' sign on the door and locked it. "Took you long enough." I turned around and was met with Bailey's sparkling blue eyes. "Sorry princess. Was taking care of something." I said smiling.

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