Trying to forget

Ariel Smith was just a normal girl. She had friends, a best friend, and a job that payed well. But when HE comes back, will he remember? Or will she try to forget?


4. Ariel

Ariel's POV

We sat by each other and just had some laughs. We joked around and made-fun of how all the other teachers were bald and hilarious and how good looking our teacher looked. We made-fun if the populars and the principal. It was great. Everyone came in and took there seat and we started the lesson.we were currently in biology and as I looked up from my note book, everyone was taking notes in there's. I smiled. This year would definitely be different. I started righting everything Cunsumin said. Until he stopped and said,"Class I would like you to meet a new student here." I looked up and was met with the same pair of eyes I had known and loved since kindergarten. "Shane." I whispered. "Hm?" He said still looking down and righting in his notebook. "It's him." "Who?" "Liam." I said. His head snapped up and his eyes were filled with anger and disgust. "I could beat the shit out of him." He started to get up and I place my hand on his arm. "Shane, please no. I am not gonna be anything to him,k?" I said. He looked down at my hand and smiled. He sat back down and winked at me. I giggled. "I love how I have that effect over you." I said. He looked at me confused. "I can stop you from doing something totally dumb." I said with a crooked smile. "I can always get you to laugh babe." He winked at me again. I giggled. He chuckled. We directed our attention back to Cunsumin and Liam. "Hi I'm Liam Payne." He said as he waved. Every girl in here freaked out and 2 even fainted. But I didn't move. I had anger written all over my face. I could feel it. Shane grabbed my hand and brushed his thumb over it. "Calm down Ariel, please babe." He said. I looked down at my feet and got myself together. I looked back up at him and smiled. "Ok , I'm good." I said. He smiled and I returned it. "Liam just take any seat." Cunsumin said. And unfortunately the two open seats were diagonal from me and one by Bailey. (In case you guys forgot, Bailey is the snobbish head cheerleader!) and awesome for me, he took the seat diagonal from me. Shane still had my hand and he was trying to make me feel better. He kissed my hand and rubbed soft circles on it. I looked at him and smiled. "Long time no see Ariel." My head snapped back to Liam. He was smiling and acting like he didn't know what went down. "Aw, did the big superstar miss little old me?" I said snobbish. "Actually I did. Remember? Best friends forever?" He said. I think he forgot because Liam didn't have a lying nine in his body. But being famous could have changed that. "You lost that title a long time ago." Shane continued to rub my hand with his thumb and from time to time he'd kiss it. Liam frowned. "What did I do?" He asked truthfully. "You really don't know?" I asked . "No, but could you tell me?" He asked politely. I looked at Shane and so did Liam . But Shane didn't notice. He kept his attention on me. "Is this your boyfriend?" Liam asked. That didn't even faze Shane. He was starring at me and only me and his attention stayed there too. "No, he's my best friend." I smiled at him. And he returned it. My head snapped back to Liam. "I missed you Ariel." He said sincerely. It made me wanna puke. But also hug him and tell him how sweet he is. But that's not happening. If it was it would be to Shane. "I'm glad." I said Shane kissed my hand and let it go slowly. I smiled and turned my attention to my notebook as I started writing Cunsumin's words down. After 15 minutes the bell ran and I stuffed my notebook and pencil into my bag. Shane's arm found my waist and he held me close to him. This is what I loved about Shane. He knew when I needed comfort and love. And he have it to me. We started walking towards our next class."You alright?" He asked. "Did I ever tell you I love you?" I asked. He smiled and looked down at at me. Cause I was his shoulders height. "A million times." He replied. "Well I do. Always." I said. I heard him chuckle. We got to our next class and sat in the back corner side by side. "I love you too." He said. "Yay!" I exclaimed. He chuckled.

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