Trying to forget

Ariel Smith was just a normal girl. She had friends, a best friend, and a job that payed well. But when HE comes back, will he remember? Or will she try to forget?


2. Ariel



"Oh shut up!" I said groggily as I threw my fist on the stupid alarm clock. I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes. My door burst open and in walked my drunk mother. "First day of school bitch, better get ready." She said. She stumbled as she closed my door. I hated her a lot. I got off my bed and turned on my light. I turned the shower on hot and started stripping off my clothing. I looked in the mirror and didn't like what I saw. My body was bruised and scarred. Blotches of black and streaks of red and purple. The bruises were from my mom and the scars were from me. I was a cutter. Some from the past, some from recently. I had a lot of stress and I didn't know how to deal with it. So that was my way. I missed the boys and I missed my mom being my mom. I missed being excited when she came home from work when I was a little girl. I missed yelling mommy and her scooping me up in her arms. I look at my feet. How could I let things get so bad? How could I let my life turn to shit? How could I? I sighed. I looked back at my reflection and said,"Don't ever blame yourself for they're mistakes." I backed up and stepped into the hot sensation of water that ran down my back. I washed my hair with my favorite pomegranate blackberry shampoo and rinsed it all out. I turned the water off and went to my room. Did I mention I had my own bathroom? Well I did. And I loved it. I walked to my closet in only a towel and tried to find an out fit. I found a red tank top that flows at the sides, black ripped skinny jeans, a red beanie, and some red Chuck Taylor's. I put on my outfit and blow dried my hair. I straightened it and went to do my make-up. I did my eyes first. I put on a lot of eyeliner and a lot of mascara. Then I put black lip gloss on and some foundation. I looked in the mirror and smiled. "Beautiful." I whispered . I loved how I looked in make-up. I put my make-up in my bag and put it under the sink. I turned the light off and picked up my pajamas from the previous night and threw it in the hamper. I grabbed my over-the-shoulder Asking Alexandria bag and my phone and I was done getting ready. I shut my door and locked it, putting the key on a necklace and putting it around my neck. I passed my sleeping father on the couch. Dad was the only parent that still acted like a parent towards me. Mom didn't like that so sometimes she made him sleep on the couch. I leaned over him and kissed his cheek. "Bye daddy." I whispered. As I turned around he mumbled,"Bye sweetie.". I smiled and opened the door. Off to the hell they call school. I shut the door and started walking. "Hey Ariel!" I turned around and there was one if my BFF'S Shane. "SHANE!" I screamed with delight and jumped in his open arms. "I missed you beautiful!" He said as he spun me around. He put me back down on the sidewalk. "I missed you to Handsome." He put his arm around me and we started walking towards school as we talked about what we did over summer. I know what your thinking. 'OMG HE PUT HIS ARM AROUND HER! ARE THEY DATING?!'. Nope we aren't but we are really great friends.

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