Trying to forget

Ariel Smith was just a normal girl. She had friends, a best friend, and a job that payed well. But when HE comes back, will he remember? Or will she try to forget?


1. Ariel

Ola my bitches!! I'm Ariel Smith. I go to Applewood high school, I work at Midnight tattoo shop, and I have red hair. Like bright bright red. Like the little mermaid's hair. Which is weird cause my names Ariel too. Anyway, I'm 16, my best friends name is Liam (well WAS), and my other best friends name is Alena. And also Angie, Vikky, and Shane. They're great. And they're the only ones who understand why me and Liam aren't on speaking terms anymore. You see, I was One Directions song-picker. I picked out every song and over the phone I'd help them get the right pitch and I got payed decent money. I was always Liam's best friend and when he got famous he wanted to stay in touch so he hit up uncle Si and got me the job. But that's not why I'm mad at him. The last time they'd preform on the X-Factor they wanted me to pick the best song I could possibly find. So I did just that. I picked Pompii by Bastellie. I called them and told them I found it, but they replied with a,"Can we practice face to face? It would help us out a lot..." And I just replied with a sure. So I drive to they're house, but as soon as I got thorough the gate, I was thrown out of my car and onto the beautiful granite drive way. As soon as my head hit the granite, it cracked and so did my skull. The bodyguards beat me half to death and almost killed me. When they were finished, they laughed, high fived, and walked up the porch steps to knock on the door. The boys came out laughing with a stack of cash, and they continued to laugh as they payed the 2 hit men. (I call them that cause they hit me) I caught a glimpse of Liam handing the last bill to them and I could've swore I saw him snicker and mouth pathetic.

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