Trying to forget

Ariel Smith was just a normal girl. She had friends, a best friend, and a job that payed well. But when HE comes back, will he remember? Or will she try to forget?


5. Ariel and Shane and maybe Liam

Ariel's POV


The lunch bell rang and I jumped up In my seat. "I can't wait to see Angie, Vicky, and Alena!" I said excitedly. "Vicky wouldn't walk with us this morning cause she's mad at me." Shane said. I looked at him with my most adorable puppy eyes. "Whhhhhy?!" "Because I kinda....maybe....sorta..." I moaned. "Get on with it Shane!" He laughed at my impatience. "I called her ugly." He said. I hit him hard in the chest. He looked at me. "Ow?!" He said. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him down to my face. "Don't you ever EVER call her ugly! You her me?! I may love you but I will kill you." I said. A smirk was in his face. "I love this position. And babe, if your trying to intimidate me. It's not working. Your just to dam sexy when your angry. In fact, your always sexy." He winked at me. I blushed and looked at the ground. I let go of his shirt and didn't look up. "Was it something I said?" Shane asked. I schooled my head and looked up. "You don't realize the effect you have on me." I stated. He got close to my face. He looked from my eyes to my lips over and over again. "Then what are you waiting for?" He asked. I looked into his eyes. "Vick will kill me. You know that." I said.

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