Trying to forget

Ariel Smith was just a normal girl. She had friends, a best friend, and a job that payed well. But when HE comes back, will he remember? Or will she try to forget?


3. Ariek and

Shane's POV

As me and Ariel walked to the pathetic high school and as we talked about our boring summers, I realized I loved her. What am I saying?! I've always loved her. I loved how her legs curved perfectly when she wore skinny jeans and shorts or just bikini bottoms. I loved how her skin glistens in the sun. I loved how her skin was just the perfect creamy color. I loved how her smile could light up a room. I loved how her eyes told a story and how they sparkled. And if you look at her, and I mean REALLY look at her, you can see that spark that you only find once in a life time. I loved that. She was one of a kind. She was my type. She was beautiful and skinny and I just wanted to be able to call her mine. I've held her many times and we cuddle up on my couch while watching movies on Friday after school. I mean I loved all the girls me and Ariel hung out with. But not like that. First off, Vicky was my sister and Angie and Alena were like that to except for they weren't my blood sisters like Vicky was. They were amazing and awesome.

I was snapped back to reality by Ariel. She was staring at me with those beautiful eyes and her signature crooked smile. "Well?" She asked. "What?" I said dumbly. She giggled. "Your lucky your cute." She said. I blushed. "Well, we're here." She said. I looked up and there it was. The place me and Ariel were bullied at. The place we all dreaded. Our own personal hell hole called school. "Looks more brutal than last time." I said. I looked at her and I saw her look at the ground. "Yeah, I guess it does." I saw the tear she shed, and I walked over to her. I put my finger under her chin and lifter her head up to look at me. I wiped away the tears that were now escaping from her eyes. "I miss Liam Shane. I miss him so much." I cupped her cheeks in my hands. "Hey, hey. Don't cry beautiful. I know you miss him, but he didn't deserve you. You deserve to be treated like a princess." I said. She put her forehead to mine and I let go of her face. "Thanks Shane." She said. I kissed her cheek. "Anytime babe." She started blushing and I smiled in my victory. We walked in the double doors and as soon as we did, we were reunited with everyone we hated and loved. "Ew gross! I thought the emo's would have moved away by now! Do I have bad luck or something?" The head cheerleader Bailey said as she looked in her locker mirror while putting a coat of pink sparkly lip gloss on.

Ariel's POV

"Ew gross! I thought the ugly cheerleaders were murdered by now! Did I get karma or something?" I said as loud as Bailey did. She turned around and she looked PISSED. She put her hand up and tried to find a comeback to say to me but she couldn't find one. "That's what I thought slut." I said as me and Shane walked away. "High five!" Shane said. I smirked and high fived him. "That's what I'm talking about!" I giggled. "Yeah well this years gonna be different. I'm done hiring they're little toy. I'm the bully this time." I said in my best bad ass tone. Shane smiled at me. We went to the office and hot our time tables and our locker numbers. Plus the combinations. "What's your locker number?" Shane asked. "119. Yours?" I said. "120!" He shrieked excitedly. I chuckled. I put everything I needed in my bag and everything I didn't into my locker. "So what's your first class handsome?" I asked Shane. "Hm." He pulled out his time table. "Cunsumin. You?" He said. "Same!" I said. "Yes babe!" We high fived. "Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see Vicky, Alena, and Angie at lunch! Eeeeep!" I said. "Wow calm down beautiful, we'll see e'm when we see e'm." He said. I giggled. We walked in to Cunsumin's room and picked two seats side-by-side in the back.

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