Letters to Jane

Kate Hare was an ordinary 13 year old girl. She had everything she ever wanted, though it's not much. She had a best friend, a BFF. They did everything together, until one day, she and her family moved to England. From that point on, Kate was miserable. She decided to write letters to her. But there's something that Kate doesn't know, something that will destroy her if she knew...


3. The First Letter

It finally arrived.

The precious envelope with the most precious piece (or hopefully pieces) of paper, containing information that I died to know. What happened to my best friend, at the time she was in London. Does she like it there? Has she made any friends yet? How bad does she miss me? Those were only some of the questions that haunted me.

I held the envelope with shaking hands. It took me a few minutes till I managed to open it. I examined the handwriting. Yep, it's hers. With that, I started to read it.

My dearest Kate,

You can't imagine how much I miss you.

Some part of me was somewhat excited to live in London, because I've been there and I really liked it, but I didn't imagine I'll be so disappointed.

I mean, London is beautiful and all, but there's a very big and major problem. You're not there.

I was very excited to see my family, but someone was missing. You. You are part of my family, loveliest Kate.

I also made some new friends in school. They are nice, kind, and special, but yet again, they're not you.

I hope you're alright, back in Los Angeles, but I'm sure all my hopes will be crushed when I'll read your reply.

I'm so sorry you have to suffer all this. I'm trying very hard to cure all your wounds. After all, I'm the one responsible for them.

Maybe I'll be able to visit you soon. We both need something great to look forward to.

I miss you so much, Kate!

With best wishes,

Your best friend Jane

P.S.: My mother's pregnant. They won't check it's gender,they want to leave it as a surprise, though I begged the doctor to check, and he claimed it's a boy. Do you have any ideas for possible names?

I was so excited. It was actually from her. And she does care about me.

I didn't hesitate and I started to write my reply.

Dear the best BFF ever Jane,

You can't imagine how happy I was to receive your letter.

As you predicted, I'm going to crush all your hopes of me being okay. My day was awful. I never felt so lonely in my entire life. I won't describe it for you, because I fear that it will hurt us both more (or will make our wounds worse, in your words).

I don't have much to tell you except that I miss you so badly.

Your bestest BFF in the world,


P.S.: Congratulations! You should call him Kane (Kate and Jane put together. Get it?).

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