Letters to Jane

Kate Hare was an ordinary 13 year old girl. She had everything she ever wanted, though it's not much. She had a best friend, a BFF. They did everything together, until one day, she and her family moved to England. From that point on, Kate was miserable. She decided to write letters to her. But there's something that Kate doesn't know, something that will destroy her if she knew...


4. Over the time

Time passed on.

I got every few days a letter from Jane. They were a bit strange. They sounded less like her. The writing changed a bit, the way she put words, etc.

But it was her. It was actually her. That was all that mattered.

My life was still awful, obviously. Without Jane, I had no hope.

In every letter she told me that she's sorry, and that she wished she could help me.

She also sounded a bit more grown up. She should talk about her school more. Her teachers are probably very strict and clever.

I imagined Jane saying the wrong answer in class (which is very rare) and a teacher hitting her with a ruler. She yelped, and I imagined tears pouring down her face from pain. I couldn't sleep that night.

And my life continued like that.

Second, after second.

Minute, after minute.

Hour, after hour.

Day, after day.

Week, after week.

Month, after month.


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