Letters to Jane

Kate Hare was an ordinary 13 year old girl. She had everything she ever wanted, though it's not much. She had a best friend, a BFF. They did everything together, until one day, she and her family moved to England. From that point on, Kate was miserable. She decided to write letters to her. But there's something that Kate doesn't know, something that will destroy her if she knew...


5. A Year After

The days have passed, and I continued my life normally. School is hard. My grades are really bad. That's how it is when you're BFF is missing.

I think about her every day.

I also made some new friends. Some of them wanted to help me by befriending me, but when they saw that I'm not really interested, they gave up.

I still have one friend. Her name is Matilda (her mother is so obsessive with this book) and she is really nice and kind. But she isn't Jane.

She came over to my house that afternoon. We talked a lot, and then we played a game called Life (one of the best board games ever!).

"Yay I won American Idol! One hundred thousand dollars for me!" She said.

"You should go to American Idol when you're older. You have a beautiful voice" I told her.

"I don't really like to sing. I always wanted to be a doctor" she said.

"Well, in Life you are".

I spinned the spinner.

"Pay day. Why did I pick Career? What a horrible salary for a hairdresser".

There was a knock on my door.

"Come in" I said. Curiosity filled me. Maybe I got a letter from Jane".

She sighed, and she looked really sad, maybe holding back tears. She's like that every time I mention Jane. That's because she's a very lonely and sensitive person, and she knows that I'll never live her (as a friend of course) the way I loved Jane.

"Hello sweetie" it was my mom of course. "There is a letter from Jane for you.

I swear I saw a tear roll down Matilda's face.

I took the letter from my mother, my hands shaking like every time I got a letter from Jane.

I opened the letter. I had to read it a few times to really understand it. Even then, I couldn't believe it.

"What happened Kay?" Matilda asked. I noticed that she tried to hold back a smile when she saw my face. "Are you all right?"

It wasn't all right. Nothing was fine. I couldn't believe that what was written in the letter was what I thought was written there.

It can't be. It isn't possible.

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