Letters to Jane

Kate Hare was an ordinary 13 year old girl. She had everything she ever wanted, though it's not much. She had a best friend, a BFF. They did everything together, until one day, she and her family moved to England. From that point on, Kate was miserable. She decided to write letters to her. But there's something that Kate doesn't know, something that will destroy her if she knew...


1. Feelings

"Goodbye, Kate. I'll miss you so much", were the last words she told me before she left. My parents had to drag me home, because I couldn't leave her.

It killed me how easily she takes things. True, she was very sad about leaving, but she didn't take it as hard as I did. When she told me she had tears in her eyes, after her parents told her about their leaving a minute before she arrived at my house, whilst I screamed and wailed, and even had nightmares. The worst was that it saw her with two beautiful twin girls at her side, saying that she has got new best friends, and she doesn't need an ugly loser like me.

There were three things that made this nightmare the worst:

The first, was obviously the part that she has new best friends. I was never much good at making friends, and she made it even harder. I was so focussed on being her friend, that I didn't want and try to socialize with other people. Without her, I'm doomed.

The second, the part about what she said to me. All my life, people called me ugly. At first I didn't believe them, and I wanted to think that I am pretty, since that's what all my family told me. But the more those people called me ugly, the more I understood that it was true. My hair is red and curly, and my eyes mud brown. I'm also a bit fat. She made it help, since she's very pretty. She has long wavy brown hair, and beautiful green eyes, like the color of fluorite. When I was with her they didn't call me ugly, but behind her back, they did.

The third, twins. Ugh, I hate twins. All my family comes in pairs: my mother has a twin, my father, my grandfather, my grandmother etc.. All of them, except for one. Yup, me. That's why I hate them so much. Because I don't have one. Someone who will really understand me. Someone who will know what I'm going through. Someone that I won't have to hide (and won't be able to hide) secrets from.

I sat on my bed in my bedroom, listening to classical music. A sad song. The tears rolled down on my cheeks once again while I listened to the violins. 7:02, an hour and forty three minutes until the plain from Los Angeles to London will take off.

I tried to be optimistic. I was good at that, especially in awful times. Not as a awful as this, so I wasn't so sure that I'll be able to convince myself.

It's for the best, London will be perfect for them. It's were their family lives. Mr. Dove will earn more money...

I tried to think of more reasons why London is better for them than our tiny town, but I couldn't. I wasn't sad because of them. I was sad because of what will happen to me. It doesn't matter how it affected them, it matters how it effects me.

How selfish of me to think like that. But right now, it doesn't matter.


Wow, time flies fast when you're sad. I didn't expect that.

Right now, the question is what am I going to do now. Maybe I should write a diary? No, I'm too old for that. Commit suicide? Have I actually list my brain?!?! She would never want me to that, it will hurt her much more. Try to forget her? Now I'm absolutely sure that I lost my brain. How could I actually think of that possibility? Correction: it's DEFINITELY not a possibility. I love he too much.

And then I remembered.

"We have to be in touch with each other", she told me what I had been thinking the entire ten minutes which I've been crying and wailing.

All I could do is nod. She took my hands in hers.

"Not text messages and emails" she continued.

If course not. She hated those things.

"Letters. That is the best option", she decided. "I'll write you a letter as soon as I can. The address will obviously be on the envelope, so you'll be able to write me back. I'll try to persuade my parents to come visit as soon as I can".

I guess time flies fast when you have flashbacks too, since it's already 8:02.

I continued listening to classical music.


Gosh, I'm getting tired. Maybe I should sleep for a few minutes?


Just a few.


THIRTY ONE MINTES!?!? That's much more than a few! I could've missed it.


I looked at the list of take offs in the website of the airport. I scanned the list of flights until I found the one I was looking for.











Ten minutes later, I saw that the word 'departed' was next to the flight.

The moment I feared, the moment if my nightmares, became reality.

I'll miss you so much, Jane Marie Dove.

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