WWE tragedies and tresures

This story is about the struggles of a WWE wrestlers teenage daughter.


9. Vincent K. McMahon's Office

Shane knocked on the door. For a second, there was dead silence. I did not know why the dead man decided to follow, but I decided to keep my mouth shut. Finally, I heard the raspy voice of Mr. McMahon shout, "What?" "Father, it is your son..." Shane continued, "I have brought the OVW students that have been invited to our crew in here for the official contract signing." I heard Vince open a few drawers. My heart was starting to race, my lungs started to jump up into my throat, I started to shake. As Shane opened the door, he said to me, "Stay here, your pro has to talk some business with Mr. McMahon." I was going to ask if it was normal to have your pro go in first, but I stopped myself from saying anything. I couldn't hear anything Undertaker and Vince were saying, but since it was the dead man speaking, I assumed it was bad. I felt my heart leap to my throat as Vince opened the door and Undertaker brushed past me. I knew this was not going to end well...

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