WWE tragedies and tresures

This story is about the struggles of a WWE wrestlers teenage daughter.


5. One Year Later...

"Finally, you will learn the final move I can teach you." I said to him "Actually, can we take a break? I'm just a little bit sore from you throwing me around, showing me how to do the moves correctly and incorrectly." Undertaker replied with a nod and said "See, I told you." I replied to him "Yeah, Yeah..."  He glared at me for a brief second and then said, "No breaks! If you want to be a Diva so bad, you can't just stop working at your job, you work until you're done, except for the little lunch break you do get at high noon. It's 10 o' clock in the morning, that is not high noon. Therefore, not now." I continued to train and got even more sore as high noon came, I was having fun, but it was harder than I thought. It was high noon, my lunch break finally, except, I wasn't hungry, I was thirsty, but I wasn't hungry. I wondered what the Undertaker did that caused my hunger to leave me. Before I could actually figure out if I was hungry or not, Undertaker called "Break is over! LET'S GO!" I witnessed The Miz's rookie leaving the break room, Batista's rookie leaving, Daniel Bryan's rookie leaving. Slowly, everyone was beginning to leave the break room, when I laid my eyes on the hottest rookie ever! It was Randy Orton's rookie, Alec Smith, all the divas admired him on NXT, although he was only seventeen years old. He passed by me with that same slow, confident walk Randy Orton does when he's walking down the ramp. I sat there zoning out for about five minutes until I noticed the room was empty, I quickly ran hoping the dead man wasn't going to kill me. Time for the final round I thought This is the last week of training.

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