WWE tragedies and tresures

This story is about the struggles of a WWE wrestlers teenage daughter.


7. My Time Is NOW

I heard Vince call the people who need to keep training first, "Marie... "YOOOOOOURRRRRRRRRRRR'E FIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEED... I just had to say it, sorry Marie..." as he listed off the people who had too keep training the lump in my throat grew bigger and bigger, finally he stopped. He didn't say my name I thought I'M IN! I'm IN! I'm IN! Vince said to The Game, Triple H, "Maybe you should present this honor... son." Triple H started to say the results very slow, "THHHHHHHHEEEE WINNNNNNNEERRR ISSSSSSS...." He stopped to see our reactions, but I stayed calm, whereas on the inside I was screaming "GET ON WITH IT!" "FOOOOOOORRRR FIRRRRSTTT PLLLLLAAAAACCCCEEE...." Finally, Chavo Guerrero spoke up before I could, "GET ON WITH IT!" Just to make Chavo mad, he said "NOOOOOOOOOTTTT YOUUURRR RROOOOOKIIIEEEE..... FIRRRRSSSTT PLAAAACCCE GGOOOOOESSSS TOOOOOOO... SHAELYNN!!" I jumped up and down, my eyes were filled with tears of joy. I almost jumped into the Undertaker's arms, but then I realized who it was and stopped myself. They had already announced who 2nd and 3rd place went to, but I wasn't paying any attention, until I saw Alec Smith had made 1st place with a whole 500 points above everyone else. 

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