WWE tragedies and tresures

This story is about the struggles of a WWE wrestlers teenage daughter.


8. Monday Night Raw October 31st

I was headed toward Vince's office when all of a sudden I ran into my bitter rival in OVW training school, Nadia. In OVW, she was Layla's rookie, I didn't know a lot about her, but what I did know, I knew I didn't like, especially since she was Layla's daughter, best friends with Michelle McDork. I examined her while smiling to try to make it look not so awkward. I said to her, "Hi Nadia." She seemed to not remember me at all, except for the small detail that when I found out we were roommates, I filled all her sweatshirts with chocolate pudding and put them in the freezer until she ran out of sweatshirts in her closet, and judging by the look on her face, she probably also remembers I beat her for first by 2 points. I smiled again. She just stood there and glared for about five minutes before I knocked on the door. It was my moment. Just as John Cena's theme song says (not in this actual way, but close enough.) "Her time is up, my time is now." Mr. McMahon's son, Shane answered the door and said, "Shae, since you got first, you will go first." that made Nadia even more angry looking than before. "Nice to actually meet you on a non-judgmental ground, Shane." he said, "You too, Shae." Before we could head into the office of Vincent K. McMahon, The Undertaker himself asked Shane something, and soon enough he was following into Vince's office. 

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