WWE tragedies and tresures

This story is about the struggles of a WWE wrestlers teenage daughter.


2. Him... My Daddy?

My eyes grew wide, I felt like running away and screaming. I thought The Undertaker... My dad? This makes no sense... I felt the lump in my throat get 10 times bigger with each breath I took. My adoption mom interrupted where my thoughts were going, "Hun, aren't you going to say hello to your father?" I felt myself back up and shake my head, without a moments notice, I was out of that house. Eventually, life caught up to me and I stopped. I was in the middle of my driveway when my adoption mom came to me and said "Hun, there's no need to be scared, he's not going to hurt you like he does to those guys on that WWE crap." I said to her "Mum, I know him better than you do, he's NOT JUST ANOTHER WRESTLER. If you watched it, you'd know why I ran out." Mom ignored me. I could see it in her eyes. "Well, just try and talk to him, you'll be with him for the next five years for training."  We both walked to the house, although, I was quite a bit hesitant. When we got inside the house, my adoption mom held my hand and forced me to talk to him. I could hear my heart and brain scream in fear as I walked into the living room. He finally said in his deep, booming voice "What was that about? Butterflies?" I replied with a small nod as his dark green eyes stared at me. He said "You don't have to be afraid." he said reaching to place his hand on my shoulder, I shivered as I pulled away. I knew the reason he abandoned me at birth wasn't a good one and therefore, my excitement to see him turned to anger, but I thought again. Well, he's taking me to a wrestling camp, and if I have to deal with this guy to get into WWE, I WILL! It was midnight. The moon and stars were hiding behind the thick fog in the sky. Undertaker looked at me finally and said, "I can understand if you're scared..." I replied in a faint whisper, "Why?" He looked at me and said, "You know girl, I could not support you, I was not rich my whole life you know." He told me some stories about how he almost died of starvation 1 year before he entered the wrestling biz. I eventually fell asleep. I felt at ease with everything I had wanted to ask, the Why did you abandon me? was finally gone. 

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