One Direction's Secret

What if the world had werewolves? And only the ones who are a werewolf can tell. But what happens when the boys of one direction are werewolves? Will Zendaya, the pack leader fall for one of them. Or will everything fall to the doom.


1. One Directions Secret

My name is Zendaya, the world isn't what you think. Some people are werewolves, and guess what? All the boys of One Direction are werewolves.

Their are four colors of fur.

Black Fur-Strong, loving to people and werewolves. And mysterious

Brown Fur-Fast, can get worried easy. And loving

Grey Fur- Very Fast, can't fight alone. And are trusting.

White Fur- White Fur is very very Rare. White Fur werewolves are Strong,very Fast, loving, can get worried easy, Telepathy. and are trusting.

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