One Direction's Secret

What if the world had werewolves? And only the ones who are a werewolf can tell. But what happens when the boys of one direction are werewolves? Will Zendaya, the pack leader fall for one of them. Or will everything fall to the doom.


2. Meeting Them/ getting my wings

My name is Zendaya, the world isn't what you think. Some people are werewolves, and guess what? All the boys of One Direction are werewolves.

Only ones who are a werewolf can tell who is a werewolf. Some werewolves can't tell, If they haven't had the training then they can not tell. But most of werewolves can tell.

All werewolves have packs. And I am in one Direction's pack, Or well they are in mine.( I will tell you later) , We only have 10 people in our pack but since One Direction do to come their is still five. A lot of people say that the One direction boys are slackers, But rely they are always busy Entertaining the fans.

Their are four colors of fur.

Black Fur-Strong, loving to people and werewolves. And mysterious
Brown Fur-Fast, can get worried easy. And loving
Grey Fur- Very Fast, can't fight alone. And are trusting.
White Fur- White Fur is very very Rare. White Fur werewolves are Strong,very Fast, loving, can get worried easy, Telepathy. and are trusting.

I woke up to my alarm going off. I moan as I turn off my alarm. I get up to shower. All the people in the pack have to get up at 6:00 in the morning. We have to hunt, well we don't have to, but if you wanna stay very strong you have to hunt at least once every week to stay can eat normal food, but hey caching your own food is better I get in the shower and get clean. After I have shower, I but some underwear and a sports bra. I put body-shorts on and go out side to my back-yard.

I look to the woods, yes I live by the woods. Almost all werewolves live next to the woods. I make my self change, I let my White Fur blow in the wind, Yes i do have White Fur. I started run to the place that we all meat.

As I reach the place and i don't see anybody. I sit down next to a tree and wait."BOO" a jump as i see jack

"JACK!" I yell as i jump up to give him a hug.

"So Jack how was cali?"

"hahah ya zen, my mom found out"

"about us no just me. "

"oh ok how did she react? "

"Ok she is one too"

"wow but how i could never tell and i am the strongest of all of us so how do you know how?" I say and he chuckles.

"ya she is going to be with us tomorrow, she wants to see if my pack is good enough so ya. so that means she will find out about you too."

Suddenly I heard steps. About 5? I look to where the foot steps were coming from. And i see five guys, not just any guys One Direction.

"hmm so you came this time?"

"uhh to what are you talking about" liam says

"wow" i say as I change to my werewolf.

I change back and see their faces.

"nice one Zen"; i hear jack and see his hand expecting a high five. I high five his hand.

"ha the new ones to the pack. the super stairs" I know that voice. Ben

"Ben" i say as i turn around to see him.

He is the leader of the other pack

"yep now you are in our spot, NOW MOVE"

"no" I say with power. I say with my Telepathy ' Get Ready to fight' toJack, Niall, Harry, Liam, Louie ,and Zayn.I hear all of the boys and Jack come to take my back.

"ha" he changes. he's black. i guess he doesn't know I'm white Fur.

I change and All the others change as well.

You see his face tense as i change. He soon runs away. I

change back and the other change back.

";wow ok well lets hunt"i say as i look at the others nod

We change and head to go hunt.

*skip the hunt* 

We come back to the place. we change.

"wow i haven't done that in a month it is nice to change." lou says

"haha " i laugh A sudden Russel of leaves come tome. someone is close. I tell the boys using my power.

The boys stop talking. I get ready to be attacked, when i see Mrs. Jones (jack's mother).

"Ohh hey zendaya what are you doing here?" Mrs. Jones says confused.

I change i go to her. Letting her touch my fur. "WOW"

she says I change and after I finish She change. her... f-fur is w-white.

"w-what" I say confused she changes back and we hug.

"my powers are fading. I am the chosen one, i was given angel wings. I am getting old will you take them and pass them on when you get old. Keep the wings going?"

"yes mam" I say looking at her with tear prickled eyes. she choose me. Not her son.

"but why not jack" i say looking at the 6 boys with tears also in their eyes.

"It's just passed into girls."

"yes mam"

"ok zendaya will you get on your knees?" I do as i am told. i close my eyes.

"Zendaya you will take my power. take care of it" She whispers the last part.I feel i mussels in my back pull and out come white/ black beautiful wings.

I Pull my wings back in and look up to see her falling. I hurry and catch her. She fades away and Is no where to be seen. I look at jack with a smile on his face. He come to me and hugs me.

" thank you" he whispers in my ear.

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