Too Late? - A Michael Clifford Fanfiction

Alison and Michael were best friends since pre-school. When he started the band, they started dating. But the other boys hated the idea of her being around all the time although they were happy for their band mate. On the night of Michael's seventeenth birthday, Alison was only sixteen, she gave the one thing to him she would never be able to get back and give to another human being again... Her virginity. And what did he give her? Heartbreak and a child.

After that night, the pair broke up. Michael needed to concentrate on his band. But what he never realized was the secret Alison was hiding from him. The fact that he had a son.

Was Michael right to break up with her and is he too late to show her he's here to stay for good this time?


6. Update's comming soon.

Hey guys,


I know I haven't updated in like a month, but don't worry. I'll be updating again soon. I've been writing the chapters out, ready to type out.

I'm so sorry, but I've had my English, Biology and Chemistry GCSE's so far plus my dance show, 'Puppy's His Name' which was a re-enactment of the 1982 hit, Annie and I was one of the main characters, Miss Hannigan... So I've been swamped with revision classes and dance practice too.

I have one more exam on Monday (16/06/2014) which is my Physics exam, so I should start updating a little after that. But I normally update during school hours on my lunch time, but because year 10's, 11's and sixth form students have A Level exams and GCSE's, that's why I haven't been updating.

I'll try and make the story good, but as a extra, I'm working on the sequel which will be going back in time.


SO, bye guys xx

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