Too Late? - A Michael Clifford Fanfiction

Alison and Michael were best friends since pre-school. When he started the band, they started dating. But the other boys hated the idea of her being around all the time although they were happy for their band mate. On the night of Michael's seventeenth birthday, Alison was only sixteen, she gave the one thing to him she would never be able to get back and give to another human being again... Her virginity. And what did he give her? Heartbreak and a child.

After that night, the pair broke up. Michael needed to concentrate on his band. But what he never realized was the secret Alison was hiding from him. The fact that he had a son.

Was Michael right to break up with her and is he too late to show her he's here to stay for good this time?


8. One Year On

Alison's POV


"So, Ms Green. Have you any children?" Simon Cowell asked me. I was currently sitting in front of him and a panel of the Modest! Management team. I was hoping to be signed by them today after my good friend, Zayn Malik recorded me singing and showed Simon. I must be good if they called me back here.


"Yes, I do." I answered. Simon smiled my way and nodded his head.


"And how old is your child?" He asked, looking down at the notes placed on the clear table in front of him, pen in hand before he looked back up at me expectantly.


"He will be a year old in exactly 1 week from now." I said with a small smile, remembering the day I gave birth to my baby boy. I can't believe how fast the time has flown.


"And do you have your son's birth certificate with you?" One of the smartly dressed women who was sitting three seats away from Simon asked. I nodded my head and took Braxton's birth certificate out of the folder that was placed in front of me. I slid the paper carefully over the table to Simon, who took the paper and examined it carefully.


"It says here that Michael Clifford is the father?" Simon asked, his face going white and expressions that where indescribable.


"Yes, he is? Why?" I quizzed. Just as I asked that, Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton all walked through the door, Michael pushing Braxton's pram with the hugest of smiles on his face and Drippy behind them holding Braxton in her arms who was currently asleep. I looked at Michael in shock, and although I tried not to, mine and his eyes met. It was like we had just met all over again. All the familiar feelings and emotions came sweeping back to me. Everything we ever said to one another and did together as a couple a year ago came flooding back to my memories. All I wanted to do was to run up to him , to hug him and never let him go again, to feel his body pressed against mine. To know everything would be okay again. But it took all my power to stay in my seat and turn my body pack to the panel of people in front of me.


"Because you will be working with Michael and the boys." Simon whispered almost too scared to speak the words in case they were a bad nightmare to him or something. I sighed a little but put on the best smile I could and nodded my head.


"Okay, thank you for this opportunity, Mr Cowell. And I promise you I won't let you down." I said as professionally as I could. Simon turned his gaze from the boys back to me and smiled weakly. He got up first, then followed by his panel of colleagues. I stood up and pulled the black jacket down that I was wearing, straightening the material to look smart and I extended my hand out to shake everyone's hands, one by one. Simon, was last. He pulled me to a corner out of earshot of the boys.


"Alison, I'm so sorry about the mix up. If you feel more comfortable with Zayn and the boys, we can switch the collaboration so you can work with them instead?"


I shook my head. "No, no. It's fine. How hard can working with my ex and the father of my son be?" I said with a sigh. Simon nodded his head like he understood me as I looked in the direction of the boys who were all looking at me with smiles on their faces. I for one, was not smiling though.

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