Too Late? - A Michael Clifford Fanfiction

Alison and Michael were best friends since pre-school. When he started the band, they started dating. But the other boys hated the idea of her being around all the time although they were happy for their band mate. On the night of Michael's seventeenth birthday, Alison was only sixteen, she gave the one thing to him she would never be able to get back and give to another human being again... Her virginity. And what did he give her? Heartbreak and a child.

After that night, the pair broke up. Michael needed to concentrate on his band. But what he never realized was the secret Alison was hiding from him. The fact that he had a son.

Was Michael right to break up with her and is he too late to show her he's here to stay for good this time?


9. Keep Away From My Boy.

Michael's POV


Alison walked back over to where me and the boys where standing after she and Simon had finished speaking to one another. She looked up at me, her mouth open like she was about to say something but she soon closed her mouth and walked past me to Drippy. "So, how'd it go?" Drippy asked. Alison just shrugged.


"I got the collaboration didn't I?" She said with a smile on her face. Her smile, the smile I missed so much over the last 11 months, 3 weeks exactly. Yeah, I've been counting the days.. Pretty lame, I know. Drippy handed the boy in her arms, my boy over to Ally who was now waking up from his nap. His green eyes opening as his little head looked around the room. He looked directly at me and back to Alison where he tapped her shoulder lightly.


"See dada Harry now!" Was all he said, well screamed in a way. I smiled at him when he looked my way until I realised what he said.


"Daddy Harry! What? Harry... What Harry?!" I practically screamed. Alison's head snapped back to look at me. She, as well as everyone else, looked absolutely shocked at my sudden outrage.


"We're meeting Harry down stairs, sweetie. Uncle Zayn is coming too." Alison smiled. Braxton nodded his head as Alison started walking out of the room followed by Drippy who was pushing the pram. I walked out of the room ignoring the fact that Simon was trying to get my attention and followed Alison and Drippy to the elevator.


"Alison, was my son calling one of my best friends his father!?" I snapped. The doors of the elevator pinged open and both girls entered.


"Yes," Alison said. "Yes he called Harry his father." She said coldly. "I told him Harry was his dad, after I found out that not even a week after we left Australia, you had slept with one of my best friends. You moved on and I damn well wasn't going to hold back for you." She snapped back at me. She pressed the button to the lobby as the door started closing. I pushed the door back and stuck my foot in the way to stop it from closing in my face again.


"You think I slept with someone after you left?! I haven't been with anyone since the night we made love, Ally!" I shouted. Alison looked taken back by my words. "I told Kate to tell you that we slept together.. I thought if you were mad, you'd talk to me. Obviously that plan blew up and didn't work." I said combing my fingers through my hair.


"And now you have to face the consequences of your actions, Michael." Alison whispered as she pressed the button for the lobby again. This time, I let the door close. I wasn't giving up on her or my boy, this wasn't the end. First I need to deal with Harry though. I turned around slowly and looked at Simon.


"Now, Michael, don't start." He warned me.


"Is he here?" I asked.


"Michael you are not starting something I'll have to finish!" Simon retaliated.


"Fine, I'll take the stairs and find out myself." I said walking past Simon, the lads and Simon's colleagues. I practically sprinted down the stairs until I reached the lobby where the Harry and the other One Direction lads where with Alison. Harry was holding Braxton in his arms, Braxton's little laugh filling the room whenever Harry done something Brax liked. I walked over to the load of them and carefully took Braxton from Harry's grasp.


"Dude, what the hell?" Harry asked shocked with a laugh combined in his words.


"You're not his father, got it, Styles? So keep away from my boy." I seethed through my teeth at him. I held Braxton tightly in my grip looking over at Alison who's anger was flaring up just like mine.

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