Too Late? - A Michael Clifford Fanfiction

Alison and Michael were best friends since pre-school. When he started the band, they started dating. But the other boys hated the idea of her being around all the time although they were happy for their band mate. On the night of Michael's seventeenth birthday, Alison was only sixteen, she gave the one thing to him she would never be able to get back and give to another human being again... Her virginity. And what did he give her? Heartbreak and a child.

After that night, the pair broke up. Michael needed to concentrate on his band. But what he never realized was the secret Alison was hiding from him. The fact that he had a son.

Was Michael right to break up with her and is he too late to show her he's here to stay for good this time?


4. He Looks So Much Like You

Luke's POV


"Um, guys, Alison is on her way." I said as I read her text. Calum and Ashton's mouth's hung open while Michael on the other hand spat his water that he was drinking, all over the electrical equipment.


"WHAT?!" Michael screamed.


"Yeah, she's going to be here in five minutes. She's on her way from the hospital now. She's bringing Freddy, Kate and Drippy as well as her mum and the baby." I explained. Michael ran out of the room like a lightning bolt. I nodded my head in the direction he had just ran in and Cal and Ash followed me as we went after him. We ran to the bathroom to find him in there pacing back and forth, running his hands through his blonde hair.


"Dude, seriously! What's gotten into you?" I asked surprised.


"I slept with her on my seventeenth birthday. The following day, I broke up with her. She most probably thinks I used her for the fun of it! And now, she has a family with someone else! You all know I wanted that! You all know I wanted to have that with her, and now I can't and I never will! I screwed up my chance at happiness and she's obviously moved on to someone else!" He shouted. He looked in the mirror and his face was a bright cherry red and the veins in his neck pulsing due to the anger.


"Mikey, bro, if it makes you feel any better, she hasn't moved on and she isn't with anyone. Just because she has a kid, doesn't mean she's with someone." Ashton said placing a hand on Michael's shoulder.


"I know it in my heart she's moved on. I know she hates me. And I know I'll never be able to change that. I lost the love of my life and I'm never going to be able to deal with that." Michael said with his hands covering his face. My phone buzzed in my hands and it was Alison's number, I clicked the accept call button and put her on speaker phone.


"Hey Alison!" I said. Michael looked up as tears rolled down his pale skin.


"Freddy! Watch it will you! That's fucking new and you’re going to break it! Mum! Help him set up the pram please?!" Alison shouted. I don't think she realised I picked up. "Shit," I heard her mumble. "Hey Luke!" She said with a nervous tone. "You heard that didn't you?"


"Yeah we all did, Ally!" Ashton shouted.


I waved my hand at him to shut him up. "Where are you?" I asked. Michael looked up at me with pain in his eyes that was evident because he knew she's here.


"I'm out side with Freddy and the others now." She said.


"We'll be right out." I replied and with that, I ended the call.


"I told you she's moved on..." Michael mumbled. I looked at Calum and Ashton as we left the bathroom, with Michael following. We made our way outside. Me, Ash and Calum joking around the entire way while Michael was the quietest he's ever been. We saw the all too familiar car of Ally’s mum, Drippy and Kate there laughing their asses off. We walked over as quietly as we could, only to be busted by Mrs Green, Alison's mum.


"Hello there boys!" She said turning around.


"Seriously? How did you hear us?" Calum asked while hugging her, followed by me and then Ashton.


"I saw your reflections on the car's surface," she replied with a laugh.


"Oh right." We said feeling like idiots. "So, where is she?" I asked cautiously. She pointed to the inside of her car so Ashton went over and peaked in.


"Alison?" He asked.


"Yeah?" I heard her respond. As soon as she spoke, Michael immediately smiled. I hit Calum lightly in the stomach and nodded my head in Mike's direction.


"Need some help?" Ash asked.


"No, I'm fine," she said. She emerged from the car in a long, pink maxi dress which was Michael's favourite one which he bought her on their six month anniversary. She had her hair down in its natural curls, wearing sandals and a denim jacket as well as her many bracelets which are her key accessories. The only difference this time with her appearance was her bump which hasn't yet gone down from the birth yesterday and the little baby she was carrying in the carry-cot. Ashton helped her step down from the car as she stood their awkwardly. Freddy came around from the boot with the other half of the pram and helped clip the carry-cot in place. Ally unstrapped the baby from it and picked him up, his head limp against her arm.


Calum walked over to see the baby and instantly smiled. "Want to hold him?" She asked. Calum nodded his head eagerly as she passed the baby over.


"He looks so much like you!" Ashton gushed while looking at Ally before looking at Michael.


"What's the baby's name?" I asked as we made our way back into the building, while I pushed the pram for her.


"Braxton Gordon Clifford," she mumbled quietly. Michael stopped in his tracks, making Ashton walk into the back of him, and Ally stumble behind Ashton too. I knew she'd do the right thing. And this is the one thing that could make Michael the happiest he's been since they broke up... Hopefully.

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