Too Late? - A Michael Clifford Fanfiction

Alison and Michael were best friends since pre-school. When he started the band, they started dating. But the other boys hated the idea of her being around all the time although they were happy for their band mate. On the night of Michael's seventeenth birthday, Alison was only sixteen, she gave the one thing to him she would never be able to get back and give to another human being again... Her virginity. And what did he give her? Heartbreak and a child.

After that night, the pair broke up. Michael needed to concentrate on his band. But what he never realized was the secret Alison was hiding from him. The fact that he had a son.

Was Michael right to break up with her and is he too late to show her he's here to stay for good this time?


12. Birthday Boy

Alison's POV


"So whose it going to be? Me or Michael?"


The one question I never wanted to be face with. I couldn't choose between them, it's impossible. It's not fair!


"Well, Ally. Who is it going to be then?" Michael asked breaking the silence in the room. I looked up at him, hearing Braxton's little cries from the living room getting louder and louder. Everything was swirling around in my mind. I just couldn't choose. 


"No one." I simply said, getting up off the floor and leaving the room. Louis tried pulling me in for a hug as I started crying but I grabbed my arm from his grip, not wanting him to touch me. I walked into my room, slamming the door shut behind me. I changed into a pair of leggings and a long jumper. I threw on some black Doc Martens and kept my hair the way it was. I found a pair of Braxton's little jeans and a top for him and made my way back out of the room, picking up the bag full of birthday presents on my way out of the room. Everyone was still there, eyes glued on my door. 


"Al, where are you going?" Zayn asked looking at the baby clothes in my right hand and the bag full of birthday presents in my left. 


"My mother's. She's throwing a birthday party for Brax. Because I know by the looks of all your faces that you've all forgotten." I coldly said. I started walking down the stair into the living room where Braxton was playing in his pen, dry tear stains streaming his cheeks. "Has my baby boy been crying?" I cooed as he looked up from the toys in his hands. He looked back down again as small whimpers left his mouth. I packed his clothes neatly into his baby bag and picked him up, putting his winter jacket on with a scarf, hat and gloves on to keep the mild chilly air off his skin.


"What do you mean 'no one'?" Michael chocked out, taking the baby from my grasp. I sighed and stepped back from him as Harry joined in, standing besides Michael looking at me expectantly.


"I mean that I can't choose. It's not fair, okay? I can't choose between the father of my son, one of my best friends and the idiot I fell in love which, who I am STILL in love with," I said putting emphasis on the word 'still' before turning it on Harry, "and I can't choose between the guy who took us in when we needed someone the most, when we needed somewhere to stay, who has helped with my career, one of my best friends, and someone who I like." I said, feeling really guilty all of a sudden. "Harry, I like you more than a friend, but I can't just risk loosing you if things don't work out. I love Michael, but I need to focus on my music and Brax more than anything. I'm sorry." I took Braxton from Michael's firm grip, although he didn't hold back as much in handing him over. I grabbed my keys and quickly left the house with my coat in my hands. I wasn't letting anything ruin my boys birthday.

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