Frozen,the real story

Frozen is a bit unreal,isn't it,you know, breaking into song at random times,talking snowmen,well join me as I take u through what really happened
(Obviously it didn't really happen,I'm just changing the story)sorry if it offends anyone because they like frozen,I do too!!!


6. two weeks later

(Two weeks later)

Dear diary,I know that I don't have to write in this thing anymore but I'm addicted!plus,I will always be able to see my past this way!anyway,I took the diary and read it,it's amazing seeing my mothers past,but then things got confusing,it said that I had powers,ice powers,I don't think it's true but it would explain why I love wintery things,apparently they will come back to me at 18 years of age,there is only one way to find out,and boy am I gonna have to wait,anywho,on a happier note,miss Timms marked my work and because she is sooooooo kind,she said she wouldn't say anything!!!!!she is the best teacher ever!!! Anna said to mum and dad about the room,luckily,she didn't see me take the journal(phew)AND our parents said that the painters could come and redecorate it to be our secret room,but Anna asked if we could do it and our parents said yes so we can decorate the room however we want!!!!


Sorry it's short😝🔫

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