Frozen,the real story

Frozen is a bit unreal,isn't it,you know, breaking into song at random times,talking snowmen,well join me as I take u through what really happened
(Obviously it didn't really happen,I'm just changing the story)sorry if it offends anyone because they like frozen,I do too!!!


3. the second child

"3 years later

"Arggghhh"the queen was in labour-again

Their magesties were lucky as they still had some more potion,the queen wasn't in as much pain as last time,but obviously it was still painful

"It's a girl!!!"

"She is ready to see you now"

"My darling, it's our little Anna is here,Elsa will be so happy to have someone to play with...

(Back at the palace)

"Elsa,Elsa darling"

"Yes mummy"

"Look who I have got"


The queen lowered her arms to show the eldest daughter her newborn sister,

"Oh wow,what's her name?,Is she my sister?,can I hold her?,will she live here?,can I play with her?

The questions came like a stampede

"Hey,hey,her name is Anna,yes she is your sister,no you can't hold her yet but maybe next week,yes she will live here and no she doesn't know how to,

"Ok,but when can I play with her?"

"When she is older"

"Ok,oh I can't wait!!!"

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