Frozen,the real story

Frozen is a bit unreal,isn't it,you know, breaking into song at random times,talking snowmen,well join me as I take u through what really happened
(Obviously it didn't really happen,I'm just changing the story)sorry if it offends anyone because they like frozen,I do too!!!


11. authors note

Authors note

Hi guys, thanks for reading, hope your enjoying, te thing is I've had a lot of hate, people are saying that thaere is no need for this and it's a waste of time I was so proud of 160 reads and then people are just putting my down saying,"that's nothing" they say that there's no need bc frozen is perfect, I just thought it'd be quite cool, I'm really sorry I've been off, it's partly bc of this but mostly bc I've had a hard time, starting a new school and all, but I'm back now! Bullying isn't ok, and I really want to stop it, thanks for listening to me rant on, I've men holding that in for a while now, I'm not sure whether or not to carry on bc of hate, plz comment if you like this story and don't want me to end it.


~ C

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