Frozen,the real story

Frozen is a bit unreal,isn't it,you know, breaking into song at random times,talking snowmen,well join me as I take u through what really happened
(Obviously it didn't really happen,I'm just changing the story)sorry if it offends anyone because they like frozen,I do too!!!


5. another 5 years later


Dear diary

Hello,my name is Elsa,I am thirteen years old,I live in the castle of arrendale,I am a princess,I have a sister called Anna,a mother,the queen and a father,the king,my best friends are Hannah,Alys and Daisy,my worst enemy in Chloe,my doctor is the extremely kind nurse bull,my dentist is the very gentle Maggie smith, my lawyer is the remarkable Abbie Lloyd and my private tutor is miss Timms,I am writing in this diary for miss Timms,it is my homework,I have to keep it up for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! I don't no how I'm gonna do it! Anyways,today was really good:) I got an A in my history test and a B+ in my maths test,my sister Anna was hyper today,she ran around the whole castle!,I didn't even think that was possible!she even found a new part of the castle,I think it's creepy and so does Anna,behind the bookcase there is a secret passage way leading up to a ginormous room,the room is like a library,books everywhere,I pulled out a book to see what it was about and I found that it wasn't a book,it was a journal,a diary,just like mine,It was my mothers,I decided to take it and read it,it'd be fun,I'll never tell any one the content,oh my god,I've written this in the diary miss is gonna permanant marker,I can't get it out no matter how hard I try!

P.S:I was soo totally joking about that entry ummm yeah,it definitely wasn't true...heehee?

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