Frozen,the real story

Frozen is a bit unreal,isn't it,you know, breaking into song at random times,talking snowmen,well join me as I take u through what really happened
(Obviously it didn't really happen,I'm just changing the story)sorry if it offends anyone because they like frozen,I do too!!!


9. Anna's P.O.V

Anna's P.O.V

I'm going after her,I can't let her die,I just can't! I mean,wouldn't YOU run after your sister?!

"Bring me my horse" I say all royal,I set off before I can change my mind,I hear singing from a hut that sounded just like my sisters singing so I went inside without caring and there was my sister,sweeping the floor!

"Anna!what are you doing here?" She asked in shock

"what do you think,I am taking you home" I reply

"don't you get it?,I can't go back!" She had a point,

"I will ask mother and father what to do" I said and rode back before the people living there realized that I had been there

"MOTHER,FATHER?" I screamed around the castle,looking for them,I finally found them making a speech to tell the public about Elsa

"I know were she is" I said making them jump, "

"good,now,she needs to go to the ice queen to help control her powers"said mum in a rush,so I left to take her to the ice queen,I arrived at the hut and knocked,an eye appeared at the door and I heard whispering "it's me,Anna" I said and I was let in "let's go to the ice queen" i said and she knew what I was on about,

At the ice queens palace

"Ice queen,please help me" I said she came into the light "what do you want? She spat "help my sister control her powers...please?" "Hmm,what's in it for me" she said slyly "anything,please just help" ok BUT she will take the hard role of ice queen,externally boring and limiting," "is that ok Els?" I ask "ok" she replied boldly "ok,this is what you do"

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