Frozen,the real story

Frozen is a bit unreal,isn't it,you know, breaking into song at random times,talking snowmen,well join me as I take u through what really happened
(Obviously it didn't really happen,I'm just changing the story)sorry if it offends anyone because they like frozen,I do too!!!


4. 5 years later


Elsa is asleep,but Anna wants to play..."wake up,wake up,wake up!!!"

"Anna it's to early!"

"It's never to early"

"Yes,it is"

"Play,comes first!"

"Ok,ok but only if...

"Only if what?"

"Only if we can play in the snow of course"

You See, Elsa had had an addiction from before she can remember, her addiction is snow,ice,anything cold or wintery,and nobody knows why,not even Elsa herself,it was a mystery

"Of course we can play out in the snow,it snowed last night as well as yesterday night and the night before,the snow is pure and hasn't been trodden in yet!"replied an exited Anna

"Well what are we waiting for,oh wait I'll just tell mum and dad where we are"

"Mummy,daddy,wake up,me and Anna are going out front ok?"

"Ok love"replied their father sleepily

"Well,are we aloud?" Asked Anna

"Of course,let's go"

As soon as the sisters had got dressed they went and called for their friends,their friends were the maids children,see, part of the deal of being a maid at arrendale was that you get a spare room downstairs,their friends were Hannah,who was the cleaners daughter,Alys,who was daughter of the queens personal assistant and Daisy,daughter of the kings personal assistant

Then there was Chloe,Chloe thought that she was to good for everyone else,she was the daughter of the personal shop owner for the king and queen so they could buy things in private

"Chloe,wanna play?"asked the children in a desperate attempt to include her but Chloe just stuck her nose in the air and said...

"With you lot...urgh,as for you two princess' act more princessy,anyone would think you were beggars, Anna ran of crying,she was so young as was everyone else but she took everything to heart,she couldn't even take criticism!

"Why'dya do that for?"asked Daisy

"It's not my fault she is such a wuss"

"She's not a wuss,you were Being mean"replied Hannah

"Yeah,if we said that to you, you'd be running for mummy"added Alys

"Just leave me alone...or else!"

"Come on,let's go find Anna,I don't wanna be with this MEANY any longer"retorted a very angry Elsa

(Later on,with Anna)

"Are you ok?"asked Elsa

"Yeah I guess"sniveled Anna

"Come on,don't let her ruin your fun!"

"Yeah,we stuck up for you"

"Guess what I did!...I called her a meany!"

"Come on,these guys are right,"Elsa picked up a hand full of snow and shoved it down Anna's back,she screamed,"like we said don't let her ruin your fun"


Hi guys,sorry for the little girl talk(I.e meany,mummy,daddy)

Sorry also if any of your names are Chloe,it isn't a reference, just a random name,

thanks to elsalovesonedirection and Abigail malfoy for asking for more,it really means a lot,

Hope you enjoy this chapter,thanks for reading

Bye :)

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