Stole My Heart

The pain I felt that day I ran away still pondered my mind. Did I make the right decision? Did I have to leave to make sure Niall was mine? He promised never to let her take him. So why didn't I believe him?
The pain I felt lying on the park bench. In the cold. Feeling unwanted, unloved and lonely. Why didn't I go home?
So many questions were needing to be answered, but I couldn't answer them. They were questions to stay unanswered. For I didn't have an answer. I was so confused of all the past events. Meeting Niall had led me to a life of pain and misery. And look where we are now. In a room full of pain and misery!


23. "Welcome to my place"

I sat on a park bench and chucked my denim bag on the ground next to me. I felt something wet fall on the tip of my nose. I looked up and to my luck, it started to rain. I sighed and picked up my bag. I put it on the bench to use as a pillow. I took off my jacket and lie down on the bench. I used my jacket as a blanket and lay my head on my bag. It was cold. In fact it was freezing. I shivered all night, cuddling myself wishing to have Niall to keep me warm. I imagined him lying next to me hugging me tight. His warm body making me feel safe. His hair in my face, so soft that I fell asleep, but Niall wasn't here. He was in the hotel across the street. In his double bed all snuggled up underneath the warm duvet. He was properly watching TV on his flatscreen, whilst texting the boys in the rooms next to him. I wanted to go back to last night. To know what it felt like to have Niall love me again. I closed my eyes still thinking about all of this. I heard footsteps, so I opened my eyes to see two woman, one with brown hair and one with curly ginger. I heard a snigger. They were obviously laughing at me because right now, i was homeless. I ignored them and closed my eyes again. I sobbed all night, curling up to keep myself as warm as possible. In minutes I was sound asleep.


I woke up to someone poking me. I shifted around before opening my eyes. "L-louis?" I asked confused and sat up. Louis joined me on the bench. "You must be freezing" He said pulling me closer to him. "I-i am" I shivered and he hugged me "Why are you out here?" He pulled away from the hug. "Niall knows I cheated on him" I sobbed and he quickly pulled off his jacket and put it round me. I nodded to say thanks. "How?" He asked "I kind of blurted it out..." i looked down regretting what I'd done. "You could have come to stay with me" I looked up at him "Or one of the other boys" He added "Thanks but I felt bad, cos you may not have wanted me there" I felt tears pouring from out of my eyes. "Of corse we want you there" He cheered me up and I cried more remembering that Niall was angry with me. "Come on" He stood up and pulled me up with him. He put his around me and I rested my head on his shoulder. He lead me across the main road and over to the entrance of the hotel. He took me up in the lift and to the corridor that the boys rooms were in. He unlocked his door and held it open for me. "Welcome to my place" He smiled as I entered looking around at how big and beautiful the room was. "Your room is so cool" I took another look round "Here" Louis threw a blanket at me and I wrapped it around me "Thanks" He sat on his bed and switched on the TV. He patted the space next to him indicating for me to sit there. I joined him. I felt warmer already. 

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