Stole My Heart

The pain I felt that day I ran away still pondered my mind. Did I make the right decision? Did I have to leave to make sure Niall was mine? He promised never to let her take him. So why didn't I believe him?
The pain I felt lying on the park bench. In the cold. Feeling unwanted, unloved and lonely. Why didn't I go home?
So many questions were needing to be answered, but I couldn't answer them. They were questions to stay unanswered. For I didn't have an answer. I was so confused of all the past events. Meeting Niall had led me to a life of pain and misery. And look where we are now. In a room full of pain and misery!


27. "I still love Niall"

I felt the pounding in my heart getting louder. Sweat began to appear on my forehead and I wiped my fringe out of my eyes. I turned to look at Ella. Her dark brown eyes were wide open and her mouth hung causing a double chin. I giggle to myself inside, but still felt nervous. Why did I say that? Why did I say that? I repeated to myself over and over. My thoughts were interrupted by the bell for lunch. I stood up and my chair scrapped along the tiled floor. "Um can both of you come back to see me..." He paused and scribbled on a piece of paper. "Tomorrow lunch time" He finished handing us both a piece of paper. "Detention!" I yelled and he simply nodded "Well we need this problem sorting out don't we" He turned round and sat on his blue spiny chair. He pulled it up to his desk and began to type on his computer. "And if you don't come an extra day will be added" I studied the piece of paper. Name: Harriet Rowlett Form:12B Date: 24/06. What had I done to deserve detention? I asked myself. Mr Smith gestured for me to leave his office and I obeyed. I exited his small office with only 4 desks in. I headed down the corridor dodging the many people as I walked by. I arrived at the locker rooms. I stuck my key into my locker and pulled out my purse. "oh my god oh my god oh my god" I heard gasping behind me. I turned around to see three girls who looked about 14. "I can't believe Louis was in our school!" One gasped holding her heart as if she was about to die. "And he hugged you!" They coursed a little girly scream. "Eh no biggie" I said as if it was no big deal. I loved playing with the year nines. They were half my size and always looked pretty scared of the year twelves. "No biggie!" They gasped together. It was like they could read each others thoughts as they always said things in sync. "Happens all the time" I walked off. Once I knew they couldn't see me I began laughing to myself. "They think I'm crazy!" I laughed to myself "Still talking to yourself H?" I heard the familiar voice of Danny get closer. I looked up to see him and his mates were now surrounding me. "Fuck off Danny" I pushed passed them, but he followed me down the corridor. "I heard you had your first hug this morning" He teased and I stopped, stamping my feet on the ground "What's your problem!" I looked him in the eye so he knew I wasn't messing "Why do you always have to pick on me!" I stepped forward raising my voice. He shrugged not knowing what to say, but then he found his words. "Finally gaining confidence" He fist bumped the guy next to him as If it was the best insult in the world. I just ignored them and carried on walking. They soon caught up with me "Why you in such a rush" He laughed, but I just carried on. "Hay don't be rude" He teased still following me. I couldn't take it anymore. All my anger built up inside me. All I wanted to do was pouch him in the face. "fuck off" I muttered under my breath "What was that?" He asked. I knew he'd heard me but I wanted to yell at him so bad "I SAID FUCK OFF!!!!!" I roared in his face and his hair blew back at the force of my voice. I breathed heavily catching my breath. He wiped some spit off of his face and opened his mouth to reply, but he didn't and then I found out why. 


"Harriet" I heard a deep voice behind me. I slowly turned around to see Mr Smith standing with his arms crossed. "You've just earned yourself a week of detention" I opened my mouth to defend myself, but I stopped. They was nothing i could say to make this situation sound any better. This school is shit! Even if I swore getting out of the car in the car park I would get detention. The only place I could swear was in my head. He handed me another piece of paper with the same information as earlier on it. I nodded and headed for the lunch hall. I heard Danny laughing behind me. "Just leave me alone!" I knew how perphetic I sounded. Everything sounded more insulting if I swore. I walked into the lunch hall Danny hot on my trail. I payed the lady and looked at the selection of foods. I snatched a sandwich off the side and stared at the range of deserts. I picked up a plain apple. I then picked up a bottle of water. I turned around and starred at the room of people. There was only a few seats left. I plonked my stuff on a table and sat down. They people around me quickly stood up and walked away. I hated the people at this school. I sat in silence munching on my apple. I heard someones footsteps behind me. I knew straight away it was Danny. "I said just leave me alone Danny!" I stood up before he could even insult me. I froze mid spin. I looked thee guy up and down. The same guy that had ruined my relationship with Niall, but for some reason I was happy to see him. "Louis!" I ran forward and hugged his tight. He stepped back at the shock and held onto my waist. "Whoa someones happy to see me" He laughed and sat down. I sat down next to him and took another bite from my sandwich. "So who's this Danny?" He asked. I swallowed the bread and looked up into his eyes. "Oh, h-he's no one" I lied. I took a sip of my water and placed the bottle back down on the table. "No one? Well you seemed pretty mad and this no one" I didn't answer for a while until I changed the subject. "So how come your here?" I asked before finishing off my sandwich. "I got bored" I laughed "You know If a teacher see's you here you'll be in big trouble" I informed him. He shrugged and stood up "Come on" He took my hand and pulled me up. "Where we going?" He pulled me out of the lunch hall and down a corridor. "Just follow me" He stopped at the reception and we joined the queue. "Why are-" He put his finger to my lips and I didn't say another word. The got to the front of the queue. "Um I'm taking Harriet out for her dentist appointment" He told the lady and I couldn't help but smile. "You do know you have to be related to her and over 18 to take her out of school" He pointed out and Louis didn't hesitate to respond. "I'm her brother and I'm 22?" He said as if obvious. "Ah ok well I'll need you to sign here please" She handed him and piece of paper and he signed it without even reading it. "Thank you" The lady took the piece of paper and Louis headed for the exit. He held open the door for me and I smiled. "So where we going bro?" I joked and he unlocked his car "Where ever you want sis" He laughed holding open the car door for me. I smiled and got in. He got in the other side and started up the engine. We drove out of the car park. I starred out of the window for a while and then reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. It was the first time I had checked my social media since the night out with Fiona. All my twitter notifications came threw and I had a bunch of likes on instagram. Turns out dating Niall Horan gets you internet famous. I pulled up my messages to see I had 50 unread. 'Where on earth are you, we'er all ever so worried about you dear' 'Please come home' 'I know I upset you, but you don't have to run away!' Were the majority of them. I sighed and turned off my phone "You all right?" Louis asked turning a corner. "Yeh, my mum's a bit worried about me" I laughed trying to sound like it didn't bother me. "You should properly go home" He said and I looked at him in shock "I can't! Not with Amy there she'll just blab on about how she's a fan of One Direction and I'm sick of her always stealing my boyfriends" Louis turned another corner "So now I'm your boyfriend?" He laughed "I meant Niall" I sighed and he nodded "Well you should still at least call them and let them know your all right" He pulled up on the side of the road. "Where are we?" I asked looking out the window at the amazing green scenery. "Just the park" He simply said and opened the door. I got out and we began walking down a pebble path. "How about you call your mum?" He asked again and I sighed "She'll be furious with me" I pointed out "I'm sure she would still like to know you all right" He tried to persuade me again and I simply shook my head. After about a minutes walk we came across a fountain. It was a gorgeous white stone with crystal clear water spurting out from the top. "Here" Louis handed me a shiny 10 pence coin and I smiled "Make a wish" He instructed pulling another out of his wallet. I took a deep breath and threw my coin lightly. It splashed into the water and I smiled as I thought of my wish. I wish that Niall would forgive me. I sighed knowing I was stupid to make a wish like that. Louis threw his and smiled. He sat on the edge of the fountain and I joined him "You all right?" I asked and he smiled "Yeh" I admired the flowers and trees surrounding us. "I wish everywhere was this beautiful" I sighed and he nodded "Yeh, I do like this place" He smiled and even blushed a little. "How did you know this place was even here?" I asked becoming curious on how he would stumble across a little pathway in some bushes. "I come here all the time, you know, when the fans and fame get's a little too much" He smiled and I returned it thinking that he properly just told me one of his secrets "It's nice" I looked up at Louis and he smiled "Yeh" He agreed again. We sat in silence for a while just admiring our surroundings. "You know Harriet" Louis began breaking the silence "Your not like all the other girls" I turned to look at him. "They would all scream and properly start crying at the sight of me, you one of the first girls I've managed to have a convocation with in ages" He laughed slightly and I smiled "Thanks, I guess?" I felt stupid not knowing if that was a compliment or not. He smiled and i could tell he was giggling inside. "What?" I asked confused. His laughter got louder until he was in hysterics. "What?" I asked again. He pointed behind me and I turned around wondering what was so funny. I felt him prod my shoulder "Tag" I turned around to see he was already running away "Seriously?!" I yelled slightly so he would hear me. I guess I better go catch him. I sighed to myself and began running away from the fountain. There was tree after tree covered in beautiful flowers. The pebble pathway weaved around bushes and benches. Louis eventually came into sight. I picked up my speed determined to catch him. I swung my arms wildly until Louis was only a metre away. I reached out my arm and tapped him on the shoulder "Tag" I laughed and slowed down. I heard him breathing heavily and he leant forward out of breath. "Y-your fast" He tried to catch his breath. I laughed "What you thought I wouldn't catch you" I caught my breath and began breathing normally again. He shrugged "I dunno" We stood there for a while catching our breath. I then noticed Louis leaning closer to me. "It's nice having someone to hang out with, that isn't crazy" He laughed "What about the boys?" I asked. "We can't hang out outside of the hotel, unless we wanna get attacked" I laughed at his reply "That's why I come here" He gestured to the plants and trees around us and I nodded. We stood in silence for a while until i realised he was closer to me then I thought. I looked up to see him leaning closer. His forehead rested on mine and I swallowed knowing he was gonna try and kiss me like last time. "Louis I-" I tried to stop him, he only pressed his finger to my lips. He starred into my eyes and I couldn't help but feel nervous. His eyes were so dreamy yet I still had feelings for Niall. I felt his soft plump lips brush against mine. He then moved closer and out lips just about met before I pulled away "Louis I can't" I protested "I still love Niall" 



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