Stole My Heart

The pain I felt that day I ran away still pondered my mind. Did I make the right decision? Did I have to leave to make sure Niall was mine? He promised never to let her take him. So why didn't I believe him?
The pain I felt lying on the park bench. In the cold. Feeling unwanted, unloved and lonely. Why didn't I go home?
So many questions were needing to be answered, but I couldn't answer them. They were questions to stay unanswered. For I didn't have an answer. I was so confused of all the past events. Meeting Niall had led me to a life of pain and misery. And look where we are now. In a room full of pain and misery!


47. "I didn't lie"

~2 weeks later~

I strolled down the corridor that I use to walk down at least 5 times a day. I never walk down here anymore. The last time I walked down this corridor was the day after I had spent my night on a park bench and here I am now. Walking this deadly corridor once again. I thought once I had that modelling job, I wouldn't have to face school again. I guess I was wrong.

I was fired from my modelling job. As I never showed up to meet with Chloe and most importantly i never showed up to work, I'd completely forgotten about work and all things school. I now have to face the consequences. Loosing the best job I could ever dream of having and facing multiple detentions and most likely failing my exams. 

I dropped my bag on the floor and pulled my locker key out from my pocket. I shoved my unwanted books in the small tin box and continued on my journey to first class. The corridors were full of people pushing and shoving and I was so depressed to not even care about the multiple bruises forming on my arms.

"Hay Harriet!" I heard a voice coming from behind but my head couldn't put a face to the sound. She pushed threw the crowds and got to my side.

"Look, I'm sorry about what happened between us, it was stupid of us to even dream of dating him" She laughed and adjusted her bag on her shoulder and perfected her fringe so it tucked neatly behind her ear. I just huffed and continued on my journey.

"Um, hello?" She laughed grabbing my shoulder so I would face her. I didn't answer and she took that as a sign to continue.

"You not going to apologise to me?" She looked disgusted and I only laughed on the inside.

"I have nothing to apologise for" I began to walk again but was stopped.

"Um how about lying about kissing him?" 

"I didn't lie" I couldn't be asked to show emotion right now. I'd been so depressed for the last 2 weeks and finally got the strength to come to school and I wasn't going to let her ruin this.

"So what your saying is, you kissed THE Louis Tomlinson" She threw her head back in laughter and nearly got taken out by the passing crowd.

"Yeh" I smiled and carried on walking but to my surprise she didn't stop me. 


I arrived at my form room on time for once. I entered the classroom and sat down by my desk. It felt so cold. I guess because nobody had been sitting in this chair for a while. The classroom was still noisy as Mr Price hadn't turned up yet and the bell was about to go. I sorted out my stuff and sat on my phone for a while ignoring the rude comments from not only twitter but my class members. The bell finally rang as a couple more people entered. Ella and her friends walked in each of them giving me a look as they past by me. Mr Price then entered shutting the door behind him and the class eventually quieting down.

"I see you've decided to turn up today" He announced. I didn't even have to look up to know that he was looking directly at me. I slowly looked up too see my suspicions were correct. 

"You do know if you don't turn up for detentions they double" He told me like I hadn't a clue what happened if I didn't turn up for detentions. When I obviously did.

"Yeah I know" I smiled shoving my phone in my pocket.

"I think you should take a little walk to Mr Smiths office and explain exactly why you haven't been at school for the past, i don't know, month?!" He began to raise his voice and I took that as my queue to leave. I swung my bag over my shoulder and headed for the door. I heard sniggers behind me and some 'oooooo' noises but I didn't really care. As I left the room I couldn't help the slight smile that appeared on my face. 


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