Stole My Heart

The pain I felt that day I ran away still pondered my mind. Did I make the right decision? Did I have to leave to make sure Niall was mine? He promised never to let her take him. So why didn't I believe him?
The pain I felt lying on the park bench. In the cold. Feeling unwanted, unloved and lonely. Why didn't I go home?
So many questions were needing to be answered, but I couldn't answer them. They were questions to stay unanswered. For I didn't have an answer. I was so confused of all the past events. Meeting Niall had led me to a life of pain and misery. And look where we are now. In a room full of pain and misery!


2. "How do i look?"

"I can't wait to meet them" I smiled as Fiona turned off the hair dryer

"All done" she raked her hands through my soft silky long brown hair. She picked up the curlers and began to take small sections at a time. She made little waves threw out my hair while i jammed to Midnight Memories. "Won't we get swamed by fans?" I asked turning down the music

"Na cos we won't tell anyone" I nodded and turned back up the music.     

"There" She grinned and switched off the curlers.

"Thanks" I said please and examined myself in the mirror. My brown wavy curls ran down my shoudlers and made my hair look slightly shorter "I love it!" I stood up and gave her a quick squeeze

"Shall i do your make up??" I grinned and nodded returning to my seat.

"What if security don't let me hang with you guys??" I asked woried.

"Of coruse they will" She said quirting a baidge liquid onto her hand and dipping in a brush.

"Now this ones your colour" She smiled applying a light coat of foundation over my face

"I never wear that much make up" I confessed looking down. 

"Don't worry you'll look great, i'm certain of it" And she turned my chin to face her dusting a light coat of powder to my cheeks

"Beautiful" She finished off with mascara and eyeliner. 

"Close your eyes" I did as she instructed and felt a watery coat cover my lashes.

"All done!" She smiled and I stood up and gave a twirl. 

"Now" She said turning around

"The outfit" She lied down some light washed denim shorts down on my bed with a fitted white crop top which had a watermellon on it. 

"I love it" I clapped me hands childishly and she handed me the clothes

"Now go get changed and i'll get ready" I walked out into the bathroom and got changed. I looked in the mirror. I'm usually vain but just as a joke. I returned to my room and knocked

"You ready??" I called knocking again.

"Yep" I heard Fiona's voice and opened the door. Your saw Fiona in her black shorts. The hem was covered with a few silver studds and she paired it with a tight white crop top covered in a beautiful floral print. Her hair waved down her shoulders and she fluttered her eye lashes jokingly.

"How do i look?" She asked

"You look..." I took another look at her outfit

"Stunning" She chuckled "So do you!" She argued back and I flipped my hair over my shouder; she laughed. I heard a beep of a car and jumped up.

"There's Liam and the boys!" She smiled.

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