Stole My Heart

The pain I felt that day I ran away still pondered my mind. Did I make the right decision? Did I have to leave to make sure Niall was mine? He promised never to let her take him. So why didn't I believe him?
The pain I felt lying on the park bench. In the cold. Feeling unwanted, unloved and lonely. Why didn't I go home?
So many questions were needing to be answered, but I couldn't answer them. They were questions to stay unanswered. For I didn't have an answer. I was so confused of all the past events. Meeting Niall had led me to a life of pain and misery. And look where we are now. In a room full of pain and misery!


34. "He's really cold"


~~2 Days Later~~


The machine beeped from the corner of my eye. Every second interrupted by another beep. The fluffy pillow lay at the top of the hospital bed at an angle. His soft blonde hair lied gently across his forehead. Then his eyes. Dark blue, pulling you in every time you starred at him. His usually smiley and happy expression didn't show on his face. His arms rested on the bed. Flowing straight down the sides of his body. His chest rose slowly. Up and down with every breath. He didn't move, he didn't blink. He only slept, for what felt like forever. The bright room only dampened on my mood. The sun shone brightly like a happy summers day, when actually it wasn't. I wasn't out in the park. Or having a picnic with the people I love. I wasn't enjoying my self, or on a nice walk in the summer breeze. Instead I sat lonely. In this little white box. It consisted of a chair; which I was sat on. A bed with plain white sheets; which Niall laid on. And several machines. Beeping. Beeping. Beeping. Filling up my mind with all these terrible thoughts. 


The door creaked open. "Hi" I heard Louis whisper as he walked over to Niall's bed. He touched his forehead gently. "He's really cold" He said, his voice shaking with worry. I only looked down. Not wanted to see the terrible sight I had caused. Why didn't I let him in the car. Why did I try and push him into telling me what was on his mind. Now maybe I will never know what was bothering him that day. 

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