Stole My Heart

The pain I felt that day I ran away still pondered my mind. Did I make the right decision? Did I have to leave to make sure Niall was mine? He promised never to let her take him. So why didn't I believe him?
The pain I felt lying on the park bench. In the cold. Feeling unwanted, unloved and lonely. Why didn't I go home?
So many questions were needing to be answered, but I couldn't answer them. They were questions to stay unanswered. For I didn't have an answer. I was so confused of all the past events. Meeting Niall had led me to a life of pain and misery. And look where we are now. In a room full of pain and misery!


45. "Harriet wait"

He froze. I starred at him blankly not bothering to wipe the tears dripping down my face. 


"Did you?" i pushed, my voice raising a little more then I wanted it too.


"I don't know what you mean" He said cooly not looking bothered by my question. 


"Don't bother hiding it Niall" I stood up from my seat making the chair scratch the floor.


"Hiding what?" He didn't seem angry just confused. Maybe he didn't do it? Photoshop? My sister was sick enough to do that to me. He obviously had no clue. I had to ask him.


"D-did you kiss Amy?" The words stung in my mouth. I hated Amy so much that I didn't think It was possible to hate her anymore, turns out it is possible. I stood still, starring deep into his eyes. He looked taken back by my straight forward question and stuttered for an answer.


"I-um" He did. I knew straight away that he was hiding something. It hurt knowing I'd been cheated on, but It hurt so much more that he wouldn't admit it.


"Is that what was bothering you the day of the accident?!" I couldn't help my tears and my yells. I had to let out what I'd been keeping inside of me. I didn't care that I was a total mess.


"I can explain Harriet" He began to walk towards me but I back away and shook my head.


"That's what everyone says 'oh I'm so sorry I can explain' But no you can't explain Niall, you went after the one person that I forbid you to go to and-" I couldn't continue I felt my insides crumbled and my tears stopped running. It was like I had no energy left inside me to cry. I turned my head and headed for the door.


"Harriet wait" I heard Niall gasp followed by a thud, but I was to hurt to even look back. 




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