The Neighborhood

Let me tell you a little secret, can you keep it?
I'm Quinn. I'm 17 years old living in a small neighborhood with my tiny family. Our neighborhood is kind of scary. There's drug abuse around every corner, no police in the neighborhood. They have to drive miles after miles to get here. But no one does that anymore, they've given up hope for us. But one thing is more important than that: I haven't given up hope ... yet.


1. Presentation

Her friends have all left her for one reason or another. She misses them, and is sad that they won't be around to hear her last words. 
She doesn't want her loved ones to feel the way she does. Even if she can't save herself, she wants to save them. 
The "fight" is depression. She's saying that she is going to lose the fight, and again, she wants to save her loved ones from this same fate. She's telling her friends and family that she won't be around for much longer, and that she is sorry and doesn't want them to hurt because of it. 
She's one step closer to ending it. 
She's saying that if she keeps living this life, she won't grow, she won't change, she'll just be stuck in this never ending cycle of depression. 
She wants her friends and family to continue being strong and living where she can't. To continue her legacy, in a way. To live for her. 

She took the final step and ended it all.




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