The Bone Magician

George knew he had the worst job in the history of jobs, he just didn't know how truly bad it really was. When something happens George is whisked away and asked questions he doesn't even know the answer to.


2. Waking Up

The hand is coming towards me fast. It’s coming closer. I scream and try to run but my legs won’t move. They are locked in place, all feeling gone and replaced by pure numbness. The hand is long and bony and attached to a skinny scarred arm. I look up and see a pale face staring back at me. Eyes deep as pit holes, black and burning through my skin, peeling each layer off one by one, digging through. I know what it’s looking for and I know I am danger. The hand grasps at my throat and I scream, choking and spluttering. A cold, raspy sound comes from the figures mouth. It is saying my name, again and again. All I can hear is my name, being spoken. And then; it releases me, and I am awake. Free from the nightmare.

I cannot ignore the throbbing in my head but try as best as I can as I clear my thoughts and try and focus. I am not where I was when I fell unconscious. I see a figure above me and panic; I do what I know best in a bad situation. I lash out and go for a punch in the jaw but my arms are grabbed before my fist makes the impact and I am pulled off my feet. I scream and kick until the throbbing pain is back and I go under once more.

When I reawaken I am lay on a hard metal table, my wrists and ankles strapped back so tightly I can see red marks beginning to appear. I lift my head up despite the dizziness that threatens to overpower me and see that I am in a small room filled with only the table I am lay upon. There is a large metal door on the opposite wall from me and I see that it is slightly ajar; I can hear voices drifting through the gap.                                                                         “He’s only just got here, we can’t rush into things. Surely he has too much on his mind as it is. I don’t want to add something else to think about over all that as well.” I recognise the voice to be a man’s, worn out with age. He sounds tired like the same thing has been discussed many times before.                                                                                                                    “Listen Will. I do not care what you think anymore. We are going to tell him whether you want to or not.” I identify the second voice to be a woman. She sounds younger, much younger. Her voice rings out above the mans in a way that announces authority.                                “Why don’t we just ask the boy, surely he has the right to decide for himself” another man’s voice but this time it sounds younger. Maybe a bit older then the woman I’d say and definitely more powerful. I suppose the woman and Will agreed because the next thing I hear is the door creaking open and three people standing in the doorway.                 


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