speak for me // harry styles

he didn't speak
but she spoke a lot


2. 1

I wake up at 6:30 and do the following:

take a shower

brush my hair

put on a pair of shorts and crop tee

along with my fav black doc martins

do makeup

lastly - look at myself in the mirror to make sure my outfit was on point today.

I make my way downstairs to see my mom and brother sitting eating. My brother of course being the slob that he usually is makes a mess on his side of the table. My mom of course checking out catalogs and cutting out new coupons she sees - you know moms GOTTA HAVE THERE COUPONS.

" Morning " I say and sit down but only grab like 10 pieces of bacon cause bacon is life of course and plus my mom had gotten my favorite kind of bacon which was maple syrup flavor - I cant really think right now cause of the sweetness and tenderness of the bacon in my mouth that I'm devouring cause its so goddamn good.

" Gina , are fine being in the house for this summer by yourself ? being that me and your brother are going college road tripping for two months ? " she asks and I feel my insides go crazy cause two months with no mom - no curfew - just two months of freedom .... god has answer my prayers.

I nod my head still swallowing the pieces of bacon in my mouth " Yeah mom - ill be fine .. you know ill probably be at Jaces house half of the time or maybe at the mall " I say and stood up to put my plate in the sink.

" Yeah says the 'Tumblr & Netflix Queen' " my brother adds and I couldn't help but laugh cause it was so true " Okay G , we will leave at about 2 but you wont be home by then so ill leave you with my second credit card and the pin number and etc " she says - I might stay home from school just to get the months starting. But I looked at my phone to display the time and it was 7:40 and I was about to be late for like the 6 time in a row.

I left out the house and yelled bye to my mom and brother and Ill see them when they come back in September. I begun to walk to school but I continuously kept on looking at my phone for the time and thats when I gave in and ran to school - this will be alot better if I had a car but were on a 'budget'. I made it before they closed and locked the door and made it to my first class just in time before the bell rang.

" Goodmorning everyone ! happy last day of school ! " Mr.Berchem had yelled and everyone in the class roared with excitement and happiness.

" but sorry to be a buzzkill , you guys have summer projects over the summer " and everybody boo at him and one guy said " we aren't gonna do it anyway so " and everybody laugh at his comment - but the guy had a point though we aren't really gonna do it so its pointless really.

" Wait I didn't finished though - so me being the cool teacher that I am an everybody thinking that im so AMAZINGLY AWESOME ! I got principal cowell to dismiss all summer projects so YOU GUYS ARE PROJECT FREE ! " everyone went back to being happy and roared again with excitement.

The day was mostly us just sitting around doing nothing but talking and feeling sad that we wont see each other till next year and etc etc but me I was happy that my wife's Jace , Christina , and Amy are gonna be hanging around during break. I make my way towards the lunch room to see my clique sitting there all smiley and lovely the way I loved them.

Jace is 17 years old - male - with some sexy abs and a big ass , but turns out he is gay which is so hard cause he so attractive to be gay. He came out in the 9th grade and trust me that was the best choice of his life cause everyone had bowed down to him as if he was queen b.

Amy is 16 years old - female - eyes blue as ice and hair black as midnight. She had about 3 boyfriends this year and they all ended up a fail cause to Amy ' they couldn't reach up to her level in commitment and sexual activity ".

Christina is 17 years old - female and my best friend since 6 grade and we have that unbreakable bond thats so amazing she will always be my wcw - well not always cause shaileen woodley will always be wcw but I love Christina and she my sister till infinity and beyond.

" Hey guys ! " I say and take a seat next to Amy and they all have these growing smiles on there faces and Jace comes out and says " We heard that your mother and brother are gonna be gone for two months and we were thinking we could throw a end of school party at your house ? " Jace gasped for breath as he says that all in one breath - I look around to see all of them pulling a pouty face .

" What ? no no no no hell no " I say - shake my head to there responses and they all begging saying " PLEASE ! "

" FINE ! On one condition you guys help me clean up after " I say while pointing at all of them and with a serious face - I swear if they don't keep there promises ill choke them .. well no really though but ill attempt to though.The bell rings and I get a head start towards my last class of this year before vaca time but I stop in my steps to hear Jace when he does the impossible

" PARTY AT GINAS PLACE BE THERE OR BE SQUARE ! BRING THE GOODIES AS WELL ! " everybody roared and people patting my shoulder and giving me hugs - I smile and walk past the double doors " Im gonna kill him .. I swear im gonna kill him " I say to myself.


hope you like it please give feedback it will really mean alot :) !

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