The Devils Games

"The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls..." -Edgar Allen Poe


1. The Devils Deed





A darkness grips souls near and far,

while over our nation grey clouds loom,

Are they storm clouds, clouds of war,

or are they clouds of doom?


A rain of tears fall from angels crying,

unable to stop the needless dying,

evil works for evils end,

and only more evil does this portend.


The devil's deed worked very well.

It opened wide the gates of hell.

With righteous rage against his sin,

we scream for vengeance and enter in.



Note: This is not my poem. This is just a filler beginning while I am still brain storming how this story will start out. This is going to be something new that I have never written before and I'm hoping this will work out!



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