The Devils Games

"The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls..." -Edgar Allen Poe


6. Chapter 4



Harry's POV


I was sitting in a corner of my old childhood room with my knees to my chest whimpering as silent tears fell down my cheeks. I was suddenly in my old house and six years old again. This was the moment that was replayed in my mind over and over: the first time I ever saw a demon. All at once everything felt so surreal. A six year old me finding out that all of those monsters that all kids fear are real. This left me crying and screaming for my father who I knew was just down the hall.


As the thing was staring at me from across the room with it's red eyes I suddenly felt all of the pain and anger that it was probably feeling. My chest was tightening up and my limbs felt like they were on fire. I couldn't help but scream out more. All of a sudden I was lifted up into someone's arms and was being cradled back and forth with the comforting scent that is my father. Soothing words were put into my ears and for a second I believed them. That was until my father told me the truth. And the truth was that they were real. What I feared the most was real.



I woke up with a jolt and sweat covering my face. I immediately sat up but regretted it not a second later as a headache came about me. I took in my surroundings and noticed I was back into my present home on the living room couch. I even noticed the figure standing in the middle of my living room dressed in a neatly pressed and firm black suit.


"Rough night I take it?" Alsius asked with a slight smirk on his face.


I slowly breathed out and dragged a hand down my face. "You have no idea." I moved my head from the left and to the right trying to stretch out the tight muscles in my neck and stretched out my arms. "So what brings you here Alsius?"


"We have a serious problem on our hands Harold so I need you to listen carefully."


"Look if it's about our girl escaping from the nut house she was in then I already know about it-"


"It's not about that!" Alsius roared and was suddenly in front of me and roughly pulled me up by my arms and slammed me against the nearest wall. "There is a bigger problem than that and right now it's all your fault!"


"Me? Why is it my fault?! I haven't done anything!" His grip on me tightened and I hissed at the sudden burning sensation on my arms.


"Exactly! You haven't done anything! And because you haven't started taking charge there's already another demon after our target!"


"What are you talking about? What other demon?" He looked me in the eyes and breathed deeply through his nose. His grip on me loosened and he turned around and started to walk away from me.


"Boen. His name is Boen and he was the one who attacked her last night. Now he wasn't the one who was assigned to this job to take her out, you were. We think he's doing this to maybe pay off some debts for doing dirty work but for whatever reason, he cannot get to her. Do you understand me? If he accomplishes your job before you do then say goodbye to your father forever. And you will be greeting the underworld because that's exactly where you'll be heading if you fail us."


"Okay so how do I take him out?" I asked while crossing my arms over my chest.


"You can't. He's too strong and you're too weak. Cilbuth will be helping you out on this mission."


"What?! You're going to assign the one person who wants to replace me and the person I hate?!" The wind was suddenly knocked out of me and Alsius was in my face again as he slammed me into the wall with much more force.


"YOU'RE NOT A REAL DEMON HARRY! Did you forget that?! We gave you those powers just for this mission and we can sure as hell take them back. Cilbuth will acquire you in this mission. That's final."


He let go of me and I fell to the floor gasping for air. I looked up at him and he was already looking down at me.


"Don't forget Harold, you have one month." And then he was gone.



So I changed this chapter a bit (okay maybe a lot) but I think it's a lot better. Feedback would be much appreciated!


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